Main Panel look alright?

There is a 100 amp breaker and a 50 amp breaker, is the fifty amp not in use anymore? just does not seem right, any help would be great


The fitting entering the back of the panel appears to be missing a locknut.

The 100 amp feeder to the indoor panel appears to only have an EGC, and lacks a neutral. Unless the indoor panel only has 240 volt loads, I suspect very much that they are using that EGC as a neutral, and have that subpanel set up as a 3-wire feed. Not only is this improper for a subpanel, but that #6 copper EGC is undersized for use as a neutral, even if you could use it that way.

The 50 amp breaker must have went to a packaged outdoor hot tub that is no longer in use.

I have never seen load side feeders re enter the service side like that. Shouldn’t the service side be sealed and reserved for the POCO?