Main panel missing main disconnect

Has anyone ever seen a main panel with out a disconnect? I came across this during an inspection.

Where is your meter located? Are you sure there was not a disconnect there?

When will everyone learn how to properly post an image?

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First off Thank You Mr. Stambaugh for the suggestion, unfortunately that was the first place I looked and there was nothing. After checking the whole residence there was zero disconnects, first time ever seeing that.

Mr. Lewis & Mr. Cossar, I appreciate you two pointing out my flaws in this post and my profile but those comments were completely not needed for a response to my question. Next time we should practice some professionalism and just answer the question and maybe at the end make a suggestion for future reference. The purpose of that post was to get better knowledge since I have not encounter that situation before. Thank you for being completely unhelpful.

To answer your question directly, no, I have never seen a home without a main disconnect.

It looks like the bonding strap was intentionally disconnected making it likely that this is a sub panel. It is still wired improperly, but that is my theory based on the limited info provided.


A lot of post WW2 track homes were 2 bedroom with one bath home that originally only had small panels with less than 6 breakers, and thus, they have no main disconnect.