Main panel without...Main Disconnect, need help

Unrelated to my previous post. Different house.

1988 house, 3000 sqft. The Main panel did not have a Main Disconnecting
breaker… I searched throughout the whole house and could find sub panel
or Main breaker somewhere else.
The panel was in good condition with lots of breakers for the 3000sqft
and I did not observe any electrical problems with the Branch circuits.

What would be the recommendation?


The disconnect is located behind the hinged cover, just above the meter. . .

thanks…Jeff. How many amps ?

It looks like a 200 amp GE panel, but I’ve seen similar models with 125A and 150A service breakers.

This is one of those times where you really should revisit the property to verify, after all, it was an over-sight on your part.

Could be below the meter too. Behind a panel anyway.

Thanks Jeff…good advice

yes, upper left section

Mine wasn’t a guess. It’s right where I said it is.

You won’t be able to see the rating when you open the cover. It’s on the upper edge of the breaker-handle. I usually use a mirror to view it.