200 AMP Main (no main breaker)

This is 200 AMP Siemans main panel and appears there is no main breaker? Should I write this up? Nothing at the main entrance or within 10’ of panel. This is only panel in the home
Any thoughts

Was there a breaker outside by the meter?

I’d bet there was.

Me too, I have yet to run into a home with no disconnect


It is wired with 4 conductors . I suspect a disconnect ahead of this panel.

yes, I went back through pictures there is one I believe below the main service entrance! Thank you for reminding me to check!!

That is your only job.

Certainly looks like more than ten (10) hand movements to disconnect service at the Distribution Panel…

The limit was 6 movements in a service. In a distribution panel there was no limit if in the same building as the service.

You haven’t inspected my house. Built in '38. Not sure when it was updated but there is no main and to kill all power takes about 14 breakers.

But then again I live alone and it is no big deal.

Greg K, do you have a split bus panel ?

I’m sure it exists, I just think it’s super rare. at least here anyway

Knowing you I bet your house is in great condition. :cool:

I find homes without a proper disconnect probably once a month or so.

I would have been surprised in this case due to the age of this panel, which was obviously wired as a sub/distribution panel.

From Tuesday. I see them every few months if I’m doing older homes