Main service disconnect/generator

Main wires entered lower box/disconnect/transfer switch (sorry dont have inside pic) and attached at topside lugs. There were another set of lugs on topside which fed the “main panel” above, which was wired up like a regular main panel (bonded, combined neutrals/grounds, etc.) The lower box/disconnect then had the lugs at the bottom with wires to generator (when the handle/switch is pulled down.) There was no OCPD in the lower box/disconnect/transfer switch. Now, this lower box/disconnect is considered a transfer switch and not a main service disconnect, correct? Or is it considered a main service disconnect?

(pay no attention to sub panel on the right)

Thanks in advance.


Photos too blurry to see labeling. Also need inside photos. Sounds like a manual transfer switch but not sure.

I agree with Bradley you need some photo’s of the inside of the enclosures.

Regardless of photos, wouldn’t it need to contain an OCPD in order to be a service disconnect?

I don’t think the main sec’s come into the disconnect like the OP describes. Possibly the feed from the genset, but the description is lacking.

Just cant speculate here on what MIGHT be in the lower box. Even I would not like to speculate without images showing what is inside, it’s listing and how it is wired before I made a comment on it…

Well I did make a comment on it so I am a liar…but none the less thats the only comment I can make on it as shown here.

No one has answered post #5 yet?

No. :cool:

The OCPD can be integral to the service disconnecting means or immediately adjacent to it.