Main Service Panel Tapped?

Question #1: This main 200AMP service panel feeds a distribution panel inside the home. The main appears to have two additional circuits tapped before dist panel Does this seem right?

Question #2: After reading numerous postings I am still not sure if the ground bar should be bonded to the Distribution panel. I understand that the neutral is to float and ground and neutrals separated. See image.

If this is a listed factory setup (photo #1) then this arrangement of additional circuit breakers tapped from the load side of the service disconnect seems to be OK.

If the panel in photo #3 is within the same structure then the neutral and EGC’s must be separate and the neutral cannot be bonded to the enclosure.

There are several other issues.

Plenty going on to call those panels out.

The ground bar can be bonded to the enclosure but the neutral you are correct is supposed to be separated. That tap just cannot be right can it Robert? Those blue squeeze connectors are tapped into the unprotected service entrance side aren’t they?

Those taps appear to be factory wiring. If this is a listed panelboard then there isn’t a problem.

On further inspection it appears that the subpanel has the tie bar removed that would typically connect the neutral bus on one side to the neutral bus on the other. Since it also appears that the EGC’s and the neutrals are separated and the EGC bus is connected directly to the enclosure that part of the installation is OK.