Main service panel?

I have not seen a panel like this before. Any ideas as to the story here? Any feedback is appreciated.

main panel.JPG

panel name plate.JPG

not sure of the question.
looks like a main service panel with multiple pull fuses.

I assume there’s a distribution (sub) panel somewhere else?

if you’re referring to the bad name that FP has made for itself, that’s for the “stablok” panels/breakers…this panel does not seem to be one of them.

any more info or pics available?


Customer missed connections this day. I wandered thru garage where this panel is. There is a second plate behind the cover of this box. I didn’t pull that secondary cover. I’m sure there has to be a secondary panel in the house. I’m wondering how to look at this panel & what for. I understand the stab-lok issue & that this is fuses. No more worthwhile pics. Thanks

Hi to all,

Mark, while I am not familiar with that panel, I would assume that there are either fuses or breakers behind the hinged panel covering the lower 1/3 of the box



That’s an old commercial style fuse panel. Since you say it was in the garage, I suspect that it was “recycled” from someplace and used in that garage. Nothing special to look for in that panel other than what you look for in any panel. You just need to be careful with this old, odd stuff. If something happens to break, you’ll never get the part to fix it.

I don’t pull these cartridge fuses, or the plug type for that matter. On a panel like this I would check sizing, grounding, bonding, and other typical details ( ie. openings, corrosion, scorch marks, cu or al, et. al.) Does anyone out there pull the fuses?? If so, what would you expect to see?

That’s something that I’d advise a home inspector against. Reason being, there is a certain amount of times where the cover of the pull-out unit will pull free of the fuse holder assembly. I’d hate to see this happen to a guy, as you’d surely never find a replacement, and panel replacement would be the only repair.