(Maine) any thoughts

I see a condensate neutralizer cartridge… radiant heat manifold… a circulator… what’s your concern? if the SDR drain pipe dumps under the slab, I don’t like that.

I was wondering is this code to drain into a radon pipe? Where the radon pipe isn’t capped off isnt radon gases escaping in to the building? The house was inspected by code enforcement but not sure if he saw it i would think he did. I haven’t studied radon but im just thinking it would.

What makes you think that is a radon pipe? If it is there are multiple things wrong.

Bc in maine you have to have radon piped into new construction and usually green pipe and i also asked the builder.

Help us out. Thoughts on what?
Hydronic heating system. Zone Baffle to the right.
Boiler TPV discharges to a pumping floor receptor.

You need to post the boiler MN & SN.
Post the type of hydronic plumbing lines.
Infrared camera would detect the lines in the flooring.