MAINE - Ferrets for sale

Sorry folks… :roll:

we have a family member due to financial difficulties is forced to sell their ferrets… 1 male (multi) 1 female (white); de-scented and VERY friendly… we have them here with us right now and no room to keep for extended period of time… large three story cage, food, cups, bottle, toys etc…

call me if interested 207-441-9802… they are in need of some $$ and could use a good home for their pets. :wink:

thanks :mrgreen:

wow… three years later and I am getting calls on this…

Sorry folks this is OLD OLD OLD>… no more ferrets.

CAN I GET THIS DELETED… it gets high rankings on google when people are searching for ferrets?

Please delete.



No need to delete. Everyone now knows that these ferrets are GONE.

yeah but it keeps coming up in searches for other people (non-nachi) and they may not read the entire post(s)… not a big deal but 2 calls this month alone… LOL… 3 years later… website optimization at is best!!!

thank dave!


Edit your post to say nothing other than “SOLD”

The ability to edit goes away after a while.

Jeffrey, you need to make sure that when Duffy ships them, he leaves a way for air to get in. BTW, what color are they? :wink:

I will take one too and give your number out to anyone looking for one.
Hope I am not to late.:slight_smile:

Will be sure to bump this thread every day:twisted:

Don’t those thing like to poop in the corners of your house if you let them run around?

Looks like someone may have found a new favorite thread.:wink:

Yes they do, and it a hard habit to break.
I had one till an Electrician came in while I was not at home and thought it was a rat.

I loved my little Rascal even though he pooped everywhere.
I used to chase him with my remote controlled car and he would attack the tires. great fun.

I thought your “little Rascal” was a gerbil. Aren’t you a gerbiler??:p:p

My question is how do you know about this site?

Are you a forum member there?

Wow. It is amazing that a post that says that, Jeffrey Campbell has FERRETS FOR SALE IN MAINE would still be getting calls after three years.

I mean if maybe there was a new post that said, “Jeffrey Campbell has FERRETS FOR SALE IN MAINE” I would understand the number of hits.

But an old post that says, 'Jeffrey Campbell has FERRETS FOR SALE IN MAINE" getting hits just does not make sense.

I have to agree with Michael. Maybe the last post for the MAINE FERRETS FOR SALE by Jeffrey Campbell should be SOLD. But then I am sure that Bob will continue to post about the FERRETS FOR SALE IN MAINE by Jeffrey Campbell.



I can see how frustrating this can be for Jeffrey.

I mean he should have posted that he sold those ferrets to Bob Elliott years ago. I mean now that Bob Elliott has these same FERRETS FOR SALE IN CHICAGO, you wouldn’t think there would be anymore hits for the post that Jeffrey made.

It really is a shame for Bob Elliott that these cute furry creatures don’t fit his lifestyle and that anyone LOOKING FOR FERRETS FOR SALE IN CHICAGO should contact Bob Elliott. Maybe if he really wanted to have FERRETS FOR SALE IN CHICAGO, he could have Dominic list him on the goosemooser website.

Now with all the hits that Bob Elliott gets at his website at you would think that if he really wanted to SELL FERRETS IN CHICAGO, he would just add a page. It might even help his SEO to have the thousands of hits that would come from having a page about FERRETS FOR SALE IN CHICAGO on his website.


That is a great idea but I am nowhere near the west coast and besides most people prefer Puppies.
Have you ever thought about cute puppies?
I bet if you used your great site in Washington State you could do the same and put Cute Puppies for sale at

Perhaps you might even have free puppies for sale at
That sure would grab the attention of people living in Washington that love free puppies for sale


Unlike people in Chicago that would be looking for FERRETS FOR SALE on a website like, the people in Washington are smart enough to know that cute or not, free puppies are not sold. :roll:

I wondered if you would catch that…:twisted:

ferrits.gif so you gonna sell them Ferrets or what?

Darn phone keeps ringing off the hook for some reason.
Lots of scratching noise at the front door right now, so I guess I better go see who it is.