Maine Licensing URGENT

The state of Maine is working on some form of licensing. The initial bill submitted this year was vague and the developer enlisted ZERO input from any Home Inspectors in the State. In fact it seemed to be a partisan bill, apparently drafted from the realtors themselves.

A form of this bill is bouncing around and currently undergoing Sunrise Review in Augusta. The next steps remain unclear. If it dies in Sunrise, we may not see anything further for a while. If it survives we need to have a large voice in Augusta to ensure it is not crammed down our throat. Who knows this industry best? WE DO!

The Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals is a group of Home Inspectors as well as affiliate members whose goal 20+ years ago at inception was to be part of any legislation going forward. While nothing was passed then, it has come around again. We are not steadfast against licensing or certification, but we want a say in the development of intelligent legislation.

We are not in competition with NACHI or ASHI… in fact many of us are members of one or both.

We need to hear your voice. Our voice is louder with YOUR voice.

Consider becoming a member. There are other benefits to joining MeCHIPs but our goal is to have this voice in Augusta.

Visit our website or our facebook page @MaineCHIPS and consider attending a meeting (Next: 1st Tuesday in November… either in Richmond or Augusta depending on # of attendees)

You can also contact me directly.
Jeff Campbell

Maybe they have been talking to the Texas TREC people. If you find out that is the case be prepared for a battle and a hammer to fall on you inspectors.

This year the used house commissioned sales group have been making HUGE pushes in MANY states.

Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Hawaii and several others. Their story is to PROTECT the consumers BUT it gets right down to shifting liability off sellers, builders, flippers and the REA’s themselves.

In short the Foxes pushing for laws to control the guard dogs.

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Good luck. I did not pass the NHIE in Oklahoma and at this point cost me a 60000 a year job. I’ve studied my ass off and then have questions with verbiage and bullshit I’ve never heard of. I’ve been in and around construction and am still in maintenance my whole life. Its bullshit I’m probably going to sue them for lost wages. How much is one supposed to pay before a license can be granted. Fucking bullshit…!!!

Thank you for your reply. often we get responses that are not really relative to our topics. Whilst this topic was on Maine, your answer does apply and is relative and helpful.

I’ve been a strong believer in the test is not worth the trouble. 18 years in the business and they may require me to take a test??? Interesting.

How did it cost you a $60K/Year job??

… And the NHIE is not that difficult … assuming you have a strong background and/or have spent some time studying for the exam.

Just sayin …

ATTENTION: We are looking for input from all MAINE home inspectors. Thanks!