Majic Chef Furnace Age

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need the age and efficiency of this furnace:Majic Chef M/N EG6E80DC16-2 S/N A11323GHB


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The Magic Chef brand was originally Johnson Air-Ease, changing to Magic Chef In 1986, Magic Chef was acquired by the Maytag Co. The Air conditioning division was then sold to Lennox in 1988 and renamed Armstrong Air.

This particular unit was manufactured between 1986 and 1988.

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Henry, that would be July, 1987.


Please supply me with your dating source…for my records.

According to Carson Dunlop TRG (2006) the year was August 1987 for manufacture.

Last 3 letters are date and place of manufacture. First letter is month G or seventh month or July, next letter is corresponds to year, H is 1987. Last letter is place of manufacture.
I know, I’m splitting hairs here and I also used the CD technical reference guide. It’s a fairly reliable source and good to have. You can order one on line at

My bad on month. No one said there was going to be math on this bulletin board.