Make Money On Wind Mitigation Inspections NOW.

Send me your full contact information and I will contact you to discuss all the details. I work with many home inspectors and there is NO reason why you should not be offering you clients this service. As of today I am only offering this service for South Florida. Why miss out on making a few bucks on a service your clients need just because the OIR is not currently allowing you to perform the inspections. If I have done them for you please describe the service I have provided for you.

If you do Wind Mits and work in Lakewood Ranch contact me and I will give you a Likely job lead tonight 6/16. Act fast because this is the second time the person has contacted me.

I attended the morning exam in Hallandale, FL this morning. Someone I know took the afternoon exam and according to him, some of the inspectors there were saying that it’s possible that the state will allow those inspectors who become licensed to perform wind mits in the future. I didn’t hear this mind you. Just curious to know if anyone else has heard this or knows if there is any basis for it? I’m thinking if it were true, this alone would be a great reason (at least for me) to become licensed. Thanks.


I have heard that this may happen but until then if you want to make a few bucks contact me. I was at that test in the afternoon also. Zoe is great. Most of the idle talk I heard was about wind mits but I did not want to get all fired up about all the problems with them so I just kept focused on my test and for once did not discuss them.

That is what I read on the law also. ** Florida Licensed Home inspectors** can do wind mits(with the proper training)

Hey Mike, send an email to Justin G. Deese. I don’t have his number, but he’s a member and is currently performing WM in the Tampa area.

Thanks but I am offering to do them myself for guys in the area that cannot do them. They pay me and charge their clients whatever they want. I email the reports to the home inspector or the client or straight to the insurance provider. I am just trying to keep the days as full as possible.

… and here is the proper training:

Hi Nick
I guess the 64K dollar question is…does the iNachi wind mit course qualify. I haven’t taken it but have looked it over and having gone through a couple of in-house courses from two of the WCEs it is far superior to anything they put out. It still has to have the blessings of DPBR or the OIR before it can be considered “proper” or approved. You know the drill. Without that sanctioned approval by whatever authority is in charge of things, it is just a great course with all the necessary information. FL has really dropped the ball on the whole HI licensing issue. I have yet to see an actual licensing application to submit to DBPR.

Nope. We submitted for approval and the OIR has written us a letter explaining that they are not approving or rejecting any Wind Mitigation courses from any source. It’s all up to the insurance companies.

Sounds like the same way Four Points got started for NACHI inspectors.
Hopefully,state license, nachi member with nachi wind mit training.
Now its a matter of how long they take to realize we have over 1,000 members ready to help them out.

Once the realize that they will want them done for $15 a pop.

Wind Mit, 9.99 with any full home inspection!

As the law stands right now, home inspectors will be able to conduct home inspections starting july 1 2011 when the law goes into effect. They have not yet set any educational requirements (which they will) and there is a chance that this part of the bill could be repealed in the next legislative session.

That is the key that most have not thought of. Everything could change next year.

I am currently doing them in the Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and Odessa Areas. I havent done any “Wind Mit Only” but I have been including them in my full home inspections when asked. If you guys have a client that wants one and you’re not ready to do it, I would be more than happy to accommodate.

Fred are you an Architect, Engineer or General Contractor?

No Mike I am not. I am the lowly home inspector…lol. I took the Wind Mitigation couse here on the NACHI website and started offering them. I’ve only done a few but it isn’t really much extra work if you’re already doing the inspection.

I agree not much work but if the powers that be find out they will not accept them. Be carefull if they find out if MAY affect your ability of getting your license when that finally happens.

Ok, thanks for the heads up. I haven’t done but just a few but no complaints as of yet. I believe the My Safe Florida Home program went under, not sure what the Fl statues say about a qualified inspector. Until the state licenses us I don’t know why we couldn’t do it.

Once the State licenses you you SHOULD be able to do them. We will see.