Man was He Hungry

Heres an inspection I completed yesterday, and I have to say, this is the first time I saw this. What do you think did this?

Roof #1.jpg

Roof #1.jpg

Roof #2.jpg

In Barrie area? odds are a coon or squirrel

Some sort of rodent from looking at the wear pattern, that is really something. So Tyrone what was it? Did you find any other clues such as droppings?

appearantly, there was two or three squirrels in the attic, and the owners sealed the openings. I guess thats why they wanted out, however they had to do it.

I know that porcupines do that sort of thing…I heard a story about a guy that shot an elk once and left its noggin in a tree overnite…came back to find 2 porcupines gnawing on the horns…

Ah! The well known but rarely seen Ontario Over-notching Squirrel.

Angry Beavers…dam.

Wood destroying organism.

Tyrone, Good thing you put the arrows in there to show me where the problem was or I might have missed it:D

I’ll go with the porcupine too but he must have chewed a heck of a hole in the wall to get in.

They used to chew on my log home until I sprayed the logs with cayenne pepper mix.

Tony, have you been up to Estes yet, & got caught in an elk Traffic Jam?

Horses are well known for chewing wood.

Yes, but they tend not to fit through the attic hatch

No Russ…but this past elk season I got caught in a HUGE bull traffic jam…at least 10 of them all around me…within 50 yards…in the dark at dawn…with only a fiberglass thingie that shoots carbon fiber thingies with really sharp razors on the end…guess who won? :wink:

Actually, I got in many of those elk traffic jams in Yellowstone last summer w/ the family…my wife had to hold me back from jumping out of the window with my Leatherman and harvesting one…heh heh…

No offense to the PETA folks on here of course.

Mr. Vantassel is head of the program offering the Inspection of Wildlife Damage course available through the NACHI website. His comments…

Yes, I would consider this as squirrel gnaw damage.
I can assure you that we will be putting more info up on our site. One big drawback is getting photos donated. I love taking them, but the problem the ICWDM budget couldn’t afford the costs of flying me all over the U.S. to get the more regional shots. So we have to rely on the good will of our users.

thanks for visiting. Let me know if there is more I can do or if you know of photos on wildlife damage that someone would be willing to contribute to our database.

Stephen Vantassel, Project Coordinator
Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln
School of Natural Resources
Biochemistry Hall Rm 306B
Lincoln, NE 68583-0759
402-472-8961 402-472-8390 fax

I was thinking of a very agile horse.

Decisions, decisions.

The night before last, a wolf was out back.
Yesterday AM, after I’d left, my wife was having a mooing contest with a cow moose in the side woods.
On the way home, she saw a bear along our side road.

I love it!

Mt Lion squealing last nite…heard her over the sound of the news…went outside to get a load of wood for the wood stove and one of my cats escaped…if only he know his big sister was outside…he wouldn’t have done that…

The only wildlife I ever saw in Scottsdale cost me $20 for 5 minutes of heavy music and my first marriage…I sure like the woods better than the concrete jungle…best move of my life!

:smiley: :wink: :smiley:

i’m a member of PETA

Animals…and i’m not offended.