Disgusting red stuff

Attic had major open areas so this could be from racoons, squirells.

Smelled bad and I nelt in but I had on my knee pads.

What is this, barf, crap from what animal?? Something has been chewing on the carboard, insulation.

Glad I keep a bottle of sanitizer in my pockets

Did you taste it?
Just wondering.
Yes Rockey Raccoon been feasting at garbage can dinner again.
Are the saw-fit vents opened. I would like to see a photo of the exterior to see the opened areas.
Those are 4 inch nails hanging down?

Did not taste but got a good wiff of the stuff, smelt nasty.

The roof was snow covered, but it had portions with 3 layers, birds nesting under flashings, open areas, exposed fasteners, improper ventilation and lack of insulation.

David is the staining on the 2/8 rafters and the decking?

Just the decking and there was more of it!!

Can’t tell what the red stuff is, from the photos it looks like apple peel. Its called corrugated paper not cardboard if you want to sound somewhat intelligent to your clients.

t should be a simple write up.
Note the defects and recommend a roofer if you fell it needs attention.
Sorry Mr.Macy that is all I can say.
That red semi digested moist material looks like raccoon vomit. Did you see any droppings.
Note your observations and recommend a licensed pest control company trap that Raccoon.
Fix all entery-points that inter into the attic.
If you see any nesting materials, extensive droppings and evidence that the animal has been in the attic for weeks or even months.
They usual enter attics to torpor a form of hibernation. Like bears or to have offspring. Raccoons can be very destructive and mean, and noisy…
Know to eat electric wiring and chew at wood structures, 2/4 and cause extensive damage.
They also carry rabies…
One way of removing pest from an attic is to place a high watt strobe light and leave it run 24/7.
The pests are normally gone withing 24 to 48 hours.
They like to sleep to.
The constant strobbing disturbs there torpor ( sleeping.)
Remember if it winter thy are there to stay for a while.
Best I could do without more pics.
Good luck mate.