Any idea what kind of animal left this?

Ok, this was a first for me. I live in Kansas and some animal left this in the valleys of the roof. Any ideas what kind of animal this was? I’m thinking possibly a racoon or large owl. Thoughts?

And I was eating lunch …
I don’t know , but it is healthy!

Raccoon would be my first guess. There’s a very good chance you’ll find more evidence in the attic.

Here you go. Guess away.

Why,on gawds green earth do you care? Or, more to the point, Why do we care?

I would guess Mountain lion. What do I win?

Put a cherry on it and you have a Nancy Pelosi chocolate sundae.

Raccoon most likely.

Usually a sign of tree in contact with the roof.

I thought it was strange and kind of funny. If you don’t care then don’t reply. And thats about as nice as I can say it.


It all looks like shit to me… Yep!
I’d shoot the friggin’ varmint if he/she sh
it on my roof like that…Yep!
Bamm! Dead!
I’m thinkin’ gargoyles…Sure enough!
They are hard to shoo away!

You guys really know your sh*t

Sh*it ! yeah!

It’s coon or possum. you have to give it the bite test to tell which. Coon will crunch and possum will give when you bite.

Please report back on your findings.

Billy …

Looks like raccoon

I’m saving that picture!
That’s some funny Sh*t right there!

I’m saving that picture!
That’s some funny Sh*t right there!

My first thought as well.

Coon Poo, or a really bored individual.

Looks like goose poop. Are there geese in the area.