Mansion underconstruction to be leveled near Topeka

After two years of construction, county Judge says that the home is worth nothing. Home was inspected by engineers resulting in a 218 page report. Read what they found was wrong.

Understand that there are no state-wide building codes in Kansas.

Good one Thanks Gary

Several points here I was trying to make.

Engineers did the investigations of this home. How they located things behind walls is a question. They must have torn off siding, roof shingles, and had an electrical contractor to check the electrical. How where they qualified to quote code?

Apparently, there are no qualified home inspectors in Kansas to do this. Appraisers, tax departments, were all involved in this one. Court case will be interesting.

Gary, I would not endeavor to challenge the credentials of engineers. As a matter of fact, a professional engineer can actually supersede code in many states. Their professional assesment and testimony would carry the most clout.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with a large number of engineers in my lifetime. Like them or not, they were highly qualified and could speak and understood at a very advanced level. I am a master electrician by trade have come to realize most of these individuals are very well qualified in their respective fields.

I worked as a project supervisor for a PE out of Toledo, OH and the guy was absolutely incredible. Bar none, he was the best engineer and authority I have ever met. Whether I spoke with him on electrical issues, structural design, mechanical, etc. he was at the appex of the curve.

I am certain these guys were highly qualified to render a determination on the structure.

As a matter of fact, read the bios of the PE John Lyle who did the inspection…he is obviously the read deal!

PE’s in Kansas are exempt from any law, rule, or regulation on any one to two occupiable residential dwelings, and they are exempt from any home inspection law, rule, or regulation.

I have done scores of home inspections for engineers, many with Burns and McDonald here in KC, one of the oldest engineering firms in the U.S. Can you imagine having a civil engineer do an electrical evaluation?

Gary, as we all know, B.S. does not necessarily mean Bachelor of Science. :wink:

I have a letter that states the fact about engineers in Kansas. Thing is, if you are a home inspector in Kansas, advertise as such, you must state your Kansas license number in your advertising, which includes web sites. When engineers are exempt from residential dwellings, how does a court case fall in?

This will be interesting, as this very subject was discussed in hallways of the Kansas Capitol Building before the home inspection laws were voted on by committee. Engineering people used their clout, and got themselves exempted from the home inspection laws.

We knew this would go to a court case somehow, somewhere, some time.