Manufactured House Cross Beam Connection

FYI - The attached free graphic shows one method of providing a permanent foundation for a manufactured home by pouring a concrete basement or crawlspace with beam pockets. Multiple cross beams are placed in the pockets typically with a column or pier at mid-span. The steel frame of the manufactured home sits on top of the cross beams. In order to fully comply the cross beams need a retainer at the ends to prevent uplift and the steel frame of the manufactured home should be bolted or welded to the cross beams.

Nice graphic, Randy. Thanks.

Nice graphic Randy.
Grade SAE 8?
Considering the difference, wouldn’t A325 suffice? ;):slight_smile:

Yes, an A325 would work. I specified A325 on all the bridge designs I did back in the early 80’s, but around here you would have to order them. All the farm supplies carry the standard Grade 2 utility type bolts or SAE Grade 8 bolts. I suspect being in farming country they stock the SAE Grade 8 for machinery.

No not really, all the structural building I ever down was always supplied with the A325 bolts or the torx head from the structural fabricator, and came with the deliveries. It is not a store bought item.
Either or I believe the grade 8’s are a lot more money though. :slight_smile: