PHII grads here?

I was interested in PHII, any comments?

I’ll start, not a grad, they seem to have their act together, and for the number of instructional hours they offer per buck, it’s hard to beat. If you have better suggestions, feel free to comment too.

If you are shy, feel free to PM me.

Thank you,


I did their Mold Course on Residential and Commerical and I enjoyed it quite much and good information. Well worth the investment.

Didn’t Gerry Beamont teach that class in Myrtle Beach?

Gerry has the best manufactured housing inspection course out there.

I used and completed their basic and advanced courses, It has enabled me to meet state requirements and pass the State Home Inspectors Exam here in TN, Sent the paperwork in a week ago, I must say thoe that the information I have been gathering here on this message board has been great as far as education. there is a wealth of information here.