To Many People?

I am the inspector’s wife that is dealing with “Too Many People” issue. Recently, Nathan did an inspection where a total of 9 people attended the inspection of a 6 plex 1 bedroom appartment complex. An argument broke out in one of the appartments because 9 people were in the tenants small one bedroom appartment, and he felt violated. (Some of the people did not take off their shoes!) After this fiasco, when I answer the phone, I tell the clients, “To get the full benefit of your home inspection, the inspector asks that you bring a maximum of 2 people to the inspection.” It is also stated in our auto email that is sent to the clients and their agents when an inspection is booked. Needless to say, Nathan did an inspection tonight that had 7 people attend! He is fit to be tired. Dads with flashlights, people going through the sellers personal things, in the fridge offering drinks to one another, etc… He felt like he was babysitting more then inspecting. Inspectors all know the more people at the inspection the easier it is to miss something.
With all this said, would it be unethical to put verbage at the end of the report stating that the inspection was compromised by the amount of people that attended the inspection and the inspector is not responsible if something is missed? The clients were asked verbally and in email not to have so many people at the inspection. We would like everyone’s input.
Thanks! Gloria
PS This board is great! We have learned so much.

I often have clients who bring many people with them. It doesn’t bother me a bit - they are not my responsibility. It is up to the agent (who opens the door) to “secure” the home.

It’s easy to lose a crowd. Simply start with the roof, crawl or attic. Rarely will you have followers. . .

I agree with Jeff,… but I totally sympathize with the situation. Maybe the selling agent should of been approached to control the crowd. I know if it were my place being inspected, I wouldn’t want alot of people poking through my personal stuff/ belongings. Its not a “free for all” nor a “open house” for bad behavior, I feel ultimately its the agent responsibility. If they all had a stake in the sale,… one or two could have been designated the ones to attend the inspection. IMO


You have to admit that they will catch up to you once you get off the roof or out of the crawl space.

Seven people Jeff, all asking questions wanting to know. Personally I have not encountered this but I can imagine.

Several questions come to mind.
Where was the agent?
Who let everyone in?
Who was responsible for security?
Who watched all those hands?
After the inspection, who was left to close the house?
Basically, WHO was in charge?

An inspection with no one controlling the persons in attendance is a disaster waiting it happen. One of our inspectors went onsite where the agent was not there. Five people showed up and he did not want to be responsible for all of them. He called the agent and advised her to come to the house and eliminate people. He saw one person digging into a personal dresser and stopped the inspection, herded them to the door and waited until the agent showed up. When she arrived, the inspector took the two buyers only and told the agent she was responsible for the house and security.
Two days later the sellers claimed there was expensive jewelery missing.
It did turn up, but taught some people a lesson.
Control the crowd, by controlling the numbers.

I’ve had as many as fifteen. Typically, the worst “offenders” are the kids - picking at my tools, wanting to use the flashlight :roll:

I’m not saying it’s not distracting, but I’ve come up with many “creative” ways to deter followers.

Ultimately, it’s up to the agent to control and take responsibility of the visitors. . .

Yes, and most the time it’s the real estate agent who’s in the frig…

Nathan, you had 7. That may be 5 too many.
Try 23. Let me explain. Late November, Vancouver, Grey Cup weekend (a Sunday). Started normal with 4 people. I tried to get a 9 am start but settled for 11 am. Big home 4,400 s/f lots to look at document etc.
Just before kickoff The owner returns (2 hours before agreed time) with a party in tow.
You get the picture. The only thing to do is call the realtor aside, have her read the riot act, get everyone unimportant out (took 20 mins.) and carry on. The owner was not very pleasant to me.
Take charge, you are the show, stay focused, you lead and the others follow.

:shock: :shock: :shock:

I do the same on a regular basis.:mrgreen:

Just had one where those in present included: Two Clients. Their active 4-year old. (Useful to demonstrate the magnetic attraction exerted by large panes of untempered glass on active four year olds). Various contractors there to give the clients quotes.The listing agent. The selling agent. Various other realtors, showing he property to various other potenial buyers (“We are continuing to show until the contingencies are cleared”). A dozen or so assorted citizens, attending an open house the listing agent had scheduled at the same time as the inspection.

After a certain point, things are just how they are…

The more people there are on an inspection, the greater the chance of something being damaged. And someone suggested that it’s not inspector’s responsibility–I think there is more liability than one might suspect for the inspector.

“You know that POS crappy beer mug cousin Jim gave us for a house warming present? (He got it at a garage sale for 75 cents.) Well, it got broken yesterday during the inspection. Ohh…how I loved that dear old mug. It has such sentimental value…”

Of couse, you don’t believe it’s valuable, do you?

But the judge might…

Or just eat some chilli the night before](“”)

A few beers, some chili followed by a nice helping of Broccoli should do the trick. :mrgreen:

Doh! Carl beat me to it :neutral:

Or just eat some chilli the night before

Verified with infrared camera…](“”)

That’s why I’m bonded.

Never, and I mean never let the inspection get out of your control.
To many bad things can happen

. . .and insured. . .

I tell my clients "you dont own the home yet so if you wander and findsomething suspect please come get me ". I had a wife and sorry but yes ladies it is usually the wife, break a set of fire place doors that were rigged by the seller. buying things for the home before they buy it! On another end if its my kim key and my client , its for me to say whose entering the home , if the realtor is present , they can baby sit.