Mario handed me my own $200 check made out to him.

He had voided it. I don’t remember what it was about but no one ever didn’t cash one my checks.

Thanks Mario.

You can send any checks you want to me Nick…I’ll be sure to cash em for You !!!..:wink:

Mario doesn’t need the money. He has money to burn.

If anyone is throwing money away, please forward it to Habitat For Humanity.

Mario bought everyone’s meal who came for the fellowship after the meeting.
Thanks Mario…!

You are a gentleman Nick!!

It was my pleasure John! I’m just sorry I missed your class.

Great cause David!


I don’t have money to burn, but I have burned money!!


You must be a Scotiabank customer “Richer than you think”

What A guy, sorry I missed the meeting after the meeting, had an early inspection Friday so I cut out early.

Was great seeing you again


It was great seeing you again Doug!!
I also had an early Fri. inspection, I left the bar early.