Market now, pay later.

Just pay $15 for shipping and pay the rest over time for brochures that you can customize yourself:

Here’s another option:

and they come pre-folded…

There they are!!!


Could someone direct Chris Morrell to this thread please? I was trying to show him where you could get comparable flyers for half the price and I couldn’t remember who was selling them.

Thanks Will :slight_smile:

It’s true that the site that Will linked to offers a similar product, but there are a few important differences.

  • The InspectorBoost brochure is 8.5x14 (legal size) which gives you more room to customize/promote your business and makes your brochure stand out.
  • The artwork on the InspectorBoost brochure is significantly higher-quality than anything else out there.
  • One major thing we’re trying to do with InspectorBoost is “Promote now, pay later.” Essentially, we’re offering a zero-interest financing option to our members so they can get off the ground from a marketing sense without having a marketing budget.
  • The InspectorBoost brochure give you full control over the customized areas of your brochure. It’s not a fill-in-the-blank system.
  • Nick Gromicko, the industry’s #1 in marketing helped put together the InspectorBoost brochure.
    This brochure is beautiful. We had a CAD artist build a 3D model for the house design that illustrates a few home flaws. The whole layout is professionally designed down to the typography (leading, kerning, tracking, etc). Everything is just right. It’s sure to stand out in any scenario.

When comparing a similarly designed, same paper quality, same paper size brochure at both local and online (discount) printers, the price was always over $700, and often over $1000. To get this kind of quality at over 50% less than anywhere else is amazing. By buying in bulk, Nick and I were able to save our member a ton of money and still get them a top-quality product.

I’m not saying that they aren’t beautiful Chris. They are. It’s just that not everyone can afford $300. Even on payments. When faced with paying $149 one time, or $99 3x, some will pay the $149 once. I’d love to buy the InspectorBoost brochures (although the nightmare thing is a bit heavy) but $300 is just over the top in my opinion.

The 8.5x11 is going to fit in a legal envelope. Will the 8.5x14?

It’s what you do with these and other brochures and so forth that I’d like to hear from the experts.

Sure–sometimes you have to make that call. I think it’s worth having a marketing product that stands out, but everyone makes that decision on their own.

The brochure is designed to be mailed as is. Just tape it up with one of those circular stickers, put a label on the back, and you’re good to go.

The content of the inspectorbrochure can be anything you want. They just offer the can content for guys like me who don’t know what to write. They’ll add your company logo, CMI, or other designations free of charge as well. I have only good things to say about their product and service.

Here’s just a few things I do…

  1. Set up display with brochure’s and cards at real estate offices.
  2. Leave one at every inspection.
  3. Leave several if the inspected property is vacant.
  4. Visit open houses and ask the agent if you can leave a display with brochures.
  5. Drop off donuts, bagels, etc. with brochures at real estate offices and open houses.
  6. Staple them to the NACHI home head start gift packets and leave them on the front porch of random houses listed for sale.

While driving from inspection to inspection if I see a real estate office I’ve never been to, I immediately stop go to the front desk and leave whatever I have, brochures, cards, flyers, etc…

Will and Wendy, how would either of you like it, if you placed an add in a newspaper and someone came right behind you, and placed an add, advertizing a better inspector down the road, for less than half your price. It is really tacky to come behind someone,(especially the one who owns the site) who is trying to sell something, and do this in my opinion. You both yell Yeah Nachi! thanks for helping me make more money, thanks for helping me with my marketing materials! Thank you Nick! This same Nick, expends a lot of time, money and effort, to bring another marketing method to members, offers to finance it for members, who might not have the money, and you both have the nerve to come behind the man and promote another business, (who by the way has probably never done anything for you) and advertize their products! Rude! Rude! Rude! Perhaps you both would be better off, working for Consumer Reports. :roll:

Don’t worry about it Ken. We’re confident that the brochures can hold their own against competitors. And in the end, the goal is to help our members market. If you find a product that you think will promote your business better–by all means use it instead. We just felt that there’s nothing out there that our members who are just starting out could use to promote their business effectively and inexpensively.

O.K. Chris, i have to ask, what is that covering your face?

I had one of those in my face too, I ate it!