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Like many begining inspectors, I am having a hard time with marketing. I realize this is the toughest part of the business. I am wondering if anyone has had luck with any particular marketing strategy? What statagy seems to bring in the clients the fastest? I have read a few past posts about Mike Crow’s marketing strategy and I have yet to be sold on the idea. Has anyone had success with the “Gold Launch” stragegy that is recommended by Homegauge? Any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated.


PS-I am not sure why I am being labeled a non-member, but I am a member of NACHI!

Speaking from experiance as I too am new to home inspection you have done the first right step in marketing, joining here.
read everything in marketing, report writing and this board has to offer, should take ya 3 - 4 weeks, then ask this question again and you will have a great start on which direction. brochure’s are good as handouts and to be left in homes at open house’s, do meet and greet’s with agents and leave them some brochures.
try networking the agents in your area as well, friends may know an agent to get you an in.
A AD in the local real estate section can get exposure as well.
hand your business card to every cat, dog, bird, tree and if it moves attach it to it.
then wait to see where you have the best responce and concientrate in that section a little more.


Use the MB search function in marketing, there is a vast amount of information there that you can draw from, according to your profile you are a member, so you go to the members only section… Good luck, also ask questions in the marketing forum, a lot of different gentlemen will answer your questions from various factions and parts of the country… so start asking…

Learn from the best…goto this link and join if you have to.

Or wait just a little, RR onboard as Nick just anounced: "Inspector marketing expert and author Russel Ray accepts full-time position at NACHI

You may have heard the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location. I believe the three most important words in real estate services is reputation, reputation, reputation. Start networking with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid of doing inspections for them for a buck just so you can prove your competence. You are going to ask them for referrals, so let them see your work so they can give those referrals with confidence. They will also be more understanding if you happen to make a mistake. Getting involved in local community functions such as Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, church groups, and BNI’s are also a great way to get to meet other business leaders in your area. Those are the people who understand the power of the referral. Don’t just join these groups. Get on committees and donate your time to help others. The more you help them, the more they will help you. It worked for me.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for all the great advice. You all are a great help! William- you are right about joining Nachi. I scheduled a home inspection today from someone who used the “find an inspector” link! I do have a question about something Patrick wrote…

“Use the MB search function in marketing, there is a vast amount of information there that you can draw from, according to your profile you are a member, so you go to the members only section…”

Forgive me for my ignorance, but how do I get to the members only section and what is the MB search function??

Never mind… I found the link for the Members only section. But please keep your advice coming! Thanks.

Just got to get my two cents in.

Be realistic about one thing - you are asking advice from the home inspection community from across the country whose markets and services may be (and are most likely) completely different than yours. Don’t get sucked into the “try this because it worked for me a few months ago” conversations because those will cause you to spin your wheels and waste a lot of time and money.

No disrespect to any inspector who is actually staying busy, but a bulletin board system is full of people who are not busy (doing inspections) but seem to have all the answers. Fortunately, you haven’t run into any of them in this thread yet.

Don’t wait around for people to find you on search engines. Don’t wait around for a few agents to suddenly start referring business your way. As Peter Doane says, you’ve got to pound the pavement. Get you butt out there and ASK FOR BUSINESS. Don’t just hand out your business cards and brochures without asking for some business. Even referral services can’t get an inspection for you as fast as you can get them for yourself.

People are funny creature - they do what you ask them to do. If you are simply handing out brochures and business cards, then you are not moving them to take action. You are simply “building your brand”. There is a huge difference between these two phrases:

“Hi, I’m a new home inspector in town and would like to introduce myself. I was wondering if I could email my electronic brochure to you?”


“Hi, I’m a professional home inspector with XYZ Inspections. We’re offer two-year maintenance inspections in your neighborhood, and I’d like to get together with you discuss how our maintenance inspection service can help you maintain the value of property and assure the safety of your family by reducing fiscal and physical risks associated with homeownership. Would Wednesday at 2:00PM be good for you?”

You can take whatever advice you want from whomever you want, but in the end, no sale is ever made without someone having asked for it.