Marketing gifts for agents

Hi Everyone,

I would love some advice about marketing gifts you give to agents. What do you drop off at agents’ offices? I’ve heard that mint tins work, or jars of of candy. What do you do?? (there may be a thread already on this)

1st Pro Inspection ink pens, letter openers and a “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection” book branded with my info.

Dont gift agents until they prove themselves a minimum 10 years of working with them, HAHA

I have yet to really be able to gauge the effectiveness of these little gifts (known in the business as “Specialty Advertising”), but so far I have concentrated on low-cost items that (I hope) the recipient finds useful enough to keep in their desk:

Pens - the kind that also feature a stylus tip for use with smartphones and tablets
Letter Openers
Drink cozies

Of course, all imprinted with my logo, website, phone number, trademark, marketing blurb, or whatever else fits.

The most expensive item I give away is a coffee mug. It works really well to hold all those other things and a rack card.

The problem with specialty advertising is it’s hard to track. I don’t expect anyone to tell me they called because I gave them a coffee mug, but I figure the more impressions I can make, the more likely they are to remember me.

I have had many calls because of the ink pens…
I chose the American flag rapper on the pens.
I believe it stands out among all the other pens they may have.


Thanks for taking the time to respond, everyone. Great advice.

I’ve heard the little mint tins are good, because people keep the tin after eating the mints - possibly fill with aspirin or the like.

Probably true. After dealing with the buyer/seller/home inspection process they often need a few asprins…:hot_face:

LOL LOL LOL :grinning: :+1: :sunglasses:


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I suggest if you are just gettin’ started…
Go get a few hundreds dollars of gas cards and give them out…
I like the $25 ones.
It will get their attention…,
Gorilla Marketing.Yep!
Yep! I know I’m gonna get flack from this…
But, we all gotta eat.