Small gifts for realtors

I’ve recently been invited to an open house party at a 30 agent office.

I’d like to bring a little something that everyone can enjoy…but that stands out.

Foods already provided, so I’d like to bring something else.

Don’t have any personalized promotional items yet.

Any ideas? Just something small for everyone.

Nothing says party fun quite like a stripper…

Just kidding. What about a few urns of coffee or spiced cider to go with the food?

Lotto Tickets attached to your cards and coupons?

Fishbowl for a business card drop. Pull a number of winners for dinner, limo date, case of wine…you get the picture.

Do you have a Dollar Store near you?
Sometimes even cans of mixed nuts (“survival rations”) with your card can go a long way, for a buck . . .

Gee, and I never get invited anywhere

Im thinking you should bring tyvex protective gear. That way the next time one of them question your inspection of the crawl space you can invite them to join you under the house. hehe

Pictures of dead green presidents that can be neatly folded and tucked into a pocket is always a good way to stand out from the crowd, make sure to change your underwear & brush your teeth before going. :smiley:

Now Joe, those dead president pictures might be considered a b… Your not trying to get any" look the other way" jobs from realtors are you? (just joking)

lol…considering I dont know an AGENT I like anymore in my area…I would not give them crap…but again thats me.

If you don’t like them, don’t you mean that you would give them crap? :margarit:

Nope. He wouldn’t EVEN give them crap. That’s how little he thinks of them.

See? I understand his posts. :smiley:

I was reminded of the old movie where A didn’t like B, so A sent B a box full of crap through the mail. I thought others would pick up on that. I guess I’m too old.

yeah i’ve got a little something for them, in the form of my FIST:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



Yep…I would LOVE to jump up on their table…and use a remote like in the movie " Click "…freeze frame…and CRAP right on em…:)…

What a charming picture you have just painted in my mind.

i`d like to add to the ‘crap’ idea…:mrgreen:

if you have a DOG…give the dog some TINSEL with his food, when he pinches his next loaf it`ll be all shiny…a perfect Christmas Tree ornament, yep, just what you were looking for… something that stands out and they can all enjoy