Gifts to Realtors

Aloha from Hawaii
While the Code of Ethics states no financial compensation will be given to realtors for referrals, does that also apply to giving a small gift when dropping off cards etc? Or can a gift be given for a referral? I’m playing with the idea of offering a gift for for a first time referral as a thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate why I am the best choice in home inspectors.

Here a $300,000;00 home get the agents $18,000;00 …Split 4 ways both offices get $4,500;00 each and both agents get $4,500;00 each .
The home inspector get from $450;00 to $600;00 .
The inspector has most of the liabilities .
I think the agents are well paid and do not need a gift.

The above might varies a bit

Michael, you are in Hawaii. This is what to give your local agents:

Thank you Roy and Nick

Now Roy, you must admit you’re simplifying a lot.
Realtors get a client and drive or meet with them at a number of properties, sometimes quite a few.
There is no guarantee that the realtor will be compensated at all for this, the client can walk at any point.
Let’s say the transaction moves forward, lots of paperwork, time, coordination etc. and yes they have liability issues too.

Now, let’s say the home inspection report has some serious issues, buyer backs off and walks. Even at this point the realtor gets zippo.

I respect the agents I deal with and never begrudge them their due reward.

Most yes others not so much.

Roy, boy are you behind the times. Long gone are the 25/25/25/25 splits. Most agents now pay a monthly license fee to the company they hang their license at. In exchange for the license fee, they start at a much higher split. The more they sell, the higher the percentage they get. The agents I do most of my inspection for usually reach 100% of selling side of the commission by the end of February.

I still think that my area of Canada still does the 4 way split .

I drop a bottle of wine in their hands if they use me consistently. But truly, everyone really just appreciates good deals, happy clients and a well managed process. That if there are issues, they are clearly defined and solutions are presented. A smooth process goes a long way.

I’m sticking with the coffee giveaway. I am the guy with the coffee.

I just sent some to the loan officers who refer me. I get most my leads from loan officers.

Silvertree (640x480).jpg

Hmmm… I’m thinking avocados. I grow them. How do I imprint them?

The reason I asked is, I have a small side business; I grow orchids and make very nice wooden baskets for them. I occassionally sell one, but don’t have time to market them. I was thinking of giving them one for an agent’s first referral to me, or perhaps giving one to an office when i’m invited to do a presentation. Kind of killing two birds with one stone…

I see nothing wrong with Giving one to the office… Roy

What about a 60+ inch flat screen given from a million dollar+ inspect company? It’s “small” to them. What about a $2,500 bottle of wine vs. a $25 one? Do you get different stuff for different agents, like ones that specialize in multi-milllion listings vs. “regular” everyday homes? What if I find out what you got and get something a little better? Will this lead to more “success” for me? Will an agent still recommend you, even if you didnt “thank” them with a gift? Where will it end? I don’t know the answers for sure, but I’ve learned if you’re “questioning” something, ethically speaking, then that usually “answers” your question.

Give them the gift of time :slight_smile:

Hire an assistant to help with your home inspections.

That sounds like a great gift, I’d give it a try.

That’s friggin awesome. Give one to the front desk lady for her desk as well.