Marketing rep calims to work with Internachi?

I just received a call from (My answering service). from a Nate from Town Square 269-924- 0495.

Before I call this guy back Has anyone dealt with him does he work with Internachi?

“Hi I am Nate from Town Square. I work with Internachi and am looking to get you a couple of inspections”…

Thank you.


So are you inferring that there are scumbag vendors out there that are mining our information from the InterNACHI website? :ack:

Sigh -Maybe. But then again me being a new member - if Internachi has a working relationship I want to push my $ their way and if they don’t perhaps Internachi they can put a stop to him referencing the working relationship.

Lots of scammers claim to work with Internachi.

But they stretch the definition of “work with” and it certainly doesn’t mean InterNACHI know’s about them.

True. And few go by the name of Nate. :wink:

I got a similar call from them , claimed to be a partner of nachi.

Are you sure they didn’t say CMI?

Pretty simple:

Someone in their scam signs up to be a student member of InterNACHI. Now they’re associated with InterNACHI.

Now the guy next to him is his partner in this scam, so he considers himself an official parter with (an) InterNACHI (student).

They send an email to Nick “great to be a part of InterNACHI.” Nick writes back “glad to have you” thinking he’s talking to a student inspector.

Now said scammer claims they have a working relationship with Nick.


Do they have a website?

Doesn’t look to good