InterNACHI discount on websites offered by TownSquare Interactive.

My name is Brian Dickerson and I am the Director of Partnerships and Associations at Townsquare.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about our service or just answer any questions you all may have about online marketing and websites in general.

Brian Dickerson| Partnerships & Associations
P: 704.469.4120

Can I see any examples of websites your company has done for inspectors?
I need to upgraded my very old site, just have not decided which way I am going yet.

Where is your Privacy Policy on your website?

Good luck with many words here.

What the f*ck is an “Exhibit B”, and why the hell is the Privacy Policy buried there?

That was all I needed to see. No, I didn’t bother reading it. I’m sure it says exactly what I think it does. The fact it was not easily found in my search says it all.

For an example of their work, check out my site at I’ve been with them for a while, and they are easy to work with, month-to-month, and they get results.


Jeffrey, now your comment about you not being the one to bring up a privacy policy makes sense! I get it.


Brian, there’s some really smart members of NACHI on these boards. I’m in a similar space as you, so all I’m going to say is please link to that policy from your website so it’s visible on every page - especially pages in which you’re collecting information from people. The privacy policy is useless and unenforceable if people can’t get access to it.

You’re going to find that some of these guys are much more proficient at reading line-by-line and looking for (and in-between) the cracks in policies than some people with MBA’s. I mean, that is kind of what home inspectors do for a living anyway, right?


My apologies for just now getting back to this post. Michael thank you for the great review. I’m glad you’re happy with our service!

James if you would still like to see site examples and an overview of our program I can have a member of my team reach out to you to answer questions or discuss your needs.

Tim thanks for the advice. We want to be as transparent about what we can and can’t do for this association as possible.

Here again is the link to our websites privacy policy along with our InterNachi landing page.


Privacy policy:

Brian Dickerson| Partnerships & Associations
P: 704.469.4120

Thanks for the advice. Yes I do believe inspectors do like to inspect…makes sense to me.

i do not like the fact that your privacy policy is NOWHERE TO BE FOUNDon the actual site that is easily accessible after 2 almost three months for $200 i’ll put the link in for you since you are not going to do it yourself. if you want to be transparent put it down below sitelinks on your page footer


I got a call from a guy named Jayme Reid from this company. He claimed he is “With InterNACHI”. I pressed him for details and he continued to say that he is "With InterNACHI’ as though he is a staff member. I asked him what his job is and he said it is to make sure that InterNACHI members schedules are filled to capacity.

Several minutes into the conversation he said “You can ask Gromicko”. When I asked which one, he didn’t seem to know. I said “Nick or Ben?” After some hesitation, he said “Nick”.

I continued to press him for details and he finally admitted that he is a vendor.

He is obviously trying to get inspectors to think he is an InterNACHI staff member calling to help. That is a bunch of CRAP! I have no tolerance at all for someone like that. That would be like if I were to start calling InterNACHI members presenting myself as a staff member telling them that they should be using my inspection report software.

Thanks George great information well done .

These guys won’t give up. I got another call yesterday from a guy who claimed he is the owner of this scam company even though I had told them never to call me again. He started making his sales pitch. I said, “yea, I know who you are, you are the yahoos who are calling InterNAHCI members claiming to be with InterNACHI”. He didn’t like that I referred to them as yahoos so I said, “OK, Goofballs then”.

A couple of hours later, I was talking with an inspector who is starting his new home inspection after having worked for a few years for a large national inspection company. He told me he is running into one scam after another and it is costing him a lot of money. He told me that so far, he has been ripped off by two companies. One of them was Townsquare Interactive.

Among other things, they convinced him to pay them between $250 and $300 a month for a website that I sell through my for only $8 a month. He told me that found out that the website is actually hosted by GoDaddy. I explained that there is nothing wrong with that. I am also a GoDaddy reseller and make no attempt to hide the fact. I want my customers to know that I am backed by the World’s largest domain registrar and web hosting company.

GoDaddy has minimum selling prices that a reseller can sell things for. Most of my prices are set at or very close to the GoDaddy minimum allowable selling prices. I make a profit selling the hosting at $8 a month. Suckering home inspectors into paying $25-0-$300 a month is nothing short of criminal in my opinion. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Townsquare Interactive blatantly lied to me about their relationship with InterNACHI, claiming that they are “With InterNACHI” and clearly implying that they are calling InterNACHI members on InterNACHI’s behalf. That alone is reason enough that I would never do business with them.

We are all in business to make money. We all have bills to pay and families to care for. It is sad to know that there are unscrupulous businesses preying on home inspectors. Charging $250-$300 a month for a website that should cost less than $10 is may be legal but it is certainly not a morally right thing to do.

I suggested to the inspector who fell victim to Townsquare Interactive to get on the message board to tell his story (he is an InterNACHI member). I understand why some people may be reluctant to get on a public forum to expose a company like townsquare media. I told him that whether he posts something or not, I would.

I have no problem with exposing them. If I can save only one IntterNACHI member from being ripped off, it will have been worth the time I have put into it.

Thanks George .

This is great info for our NACHI membership .

Unfortunately many do not come to the Forum like they used to do .
We seem to have a few who lack the ability to stop posting a lot of nothing posts .
A few posts OK but continuing to post zip just hurts especially the newer inspector .
I frequently get question via email because of these few constant attackers .
3 yesterday .

Thanks for all the info guys, I am actually reading this waiting for a call from these guys, and yes He said he is calling on behalf of internachi, and that they work for internachi. This should be a nice short sales pitch, normally I dont spend much time with these guys as time is in fact money.

thanks for posting!!!