Clever marketing directly to the real estate profession seems to have become the one and only method to drum up some business these days.

I recently read that 95% of all appointments for home inspections are being arranged by biassed real estate agents who are trying to promote the services of their preferred home inspectors. It is no secrete that only home inspectors with proven* “agent friendly”* track records are being considered for referrals.

Home inspectors who are busy these days have become for the most part* “patsies*” for the manipulative real estate profession. There is little or no room left for straightforward individuals who still believe that one can build up a profitable inspection business from recommendations which stem from satisfied customers only.

I am one living example. When I was labelled a *“deal breaker” *by the Toronto real estate fraternity - I was not only boycotted - but I also found out that agents tried to persuade potential purchasers not to use my “impartial” service. Without any business from agents, I not even averaged five inspections a month in 2010.

After more than thirty-five years in this business it finally dawned on me that the time had come to retire and enjoy life again without frustration.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

Things must be different up north. realtors love deal breakers in my area. I quit buying donuts and got tough. Now I can’t keep up with the work. I’m booked 6 weeks out with no end in sight.:frowning:


Some of us don’t solicit to Realtors.

Being 20 years in this biz has exposed me to some of the worst agents. Greedy, commission, two faced, driven, know-it-alls who know more about inspections then they do about real estate.

However in the same breath, I can also say that I have had the pleasure of working with some great agents who put their clients interest first and foremost, these agents will recommend only the best for their clients. Regrettably they are few and far between.

There is a big difference between rural areas and cutthroat Toronto - were agents even fight between themselves. Years ago when I was still hired sometimes to inspect homes out-of-town - the agents were at least friendly and polite.

Or how about those that will black list inspectors for reporting the facts on conditions. Even denouncing that the listings were flawed.

I know a number of inspectors called into the realtor’s office and asked to soften their reports because it impacted their sales or top salesperson! Realtor referrals can be a double-edged sword, love some and black listed by others! So much for ethics!

Unfortunately in the smaller places you cannot make a living on a good handful of reputable real estate agents that believe in what you are doing in woking in a “professional” manner, working to protect your client, not the almighty sale and the commission.

Thank God - for those professionals!

While your post may be completely true I have no Idea, I do at times feel the need to call BS when I see it.

In my experience Real Estate transactions allow for a average 8 day inspection contigency. Some will write into the agreement 5 days some will write in the agreement 15 days.
I have yet to have Realtors, banks or other entities that are associated to the house allow me to schedule a time for an inspection before there is a contract to purchase the house on the table and the inspection contigency in place.
In relation to the topic at hand as being Realtor refered inspections.
I can easily see if you are as busy as you say that you are booked out 2 weeks, and having to turn away work. I can not see how you would be booked out 6 weeks as no contigency clause extends out that far, Unless you are counting in ancillary inspections which are typically not driven by a Realtor in the first place.

Maybe your market is different and allows more time of which I am not aware of.

If you are truly as busy as you say you are then I do sincerly appologize for doubting you as I feel that you are truely a decent man and a good inspector, and am further glad to hear of your current success.

It would be great if an HI was booked 6 weeks in advance, juring the boom in Alberta, my appraisal appointment (refinance) was a 6 week waiting list, when he finally showed, he did so in style, a black Polished BMW.

Just talked to an appraiser last week and he said his fees are 250.00 per SF appraisal. They used to be 350 to 450.

As for RE referrals and working with Agents I’ve found that the buyers agent wants a good through inspection whereas the sellers agent that is playing at being a buyers agent gets upset when defect are found and reported.
This leads me to believe that it should be illegal to act on both sides of the transaction.
It is a conflict of interest and if they were ethical they would not do it.

I have paid , 395$ twice, in Calgary, husband and wife team, he spends maybe 20 minutes taking photo`s and uploads, his wife does all the paper work and such, so you mentioned 250$ per SF app, meaning 250$ per thousand sq ft right, thanks.

Thanks for posting this. I was thinking the same thing! In my area, 5-day conditions are the norm and more recently, I’m getting 3-day conditions. It’s very frustrating to lose Buyer Inspections because you’re busy for the next 3 days but that’s exactly what’s been happening to me. Sometimes I can book them for other inspectors but for the most part, they want to call their other referrals first. As for being booked out 6-weeks…are there different rules in that neck of the woods? I have a hard time believing that you can be booked 6 weeks in advance for Buyer inspections. I can’t imagine a seller waiting that long for a buyer to sign the waiver. Please enlighten me.