So I have done my marketing for the last two weeks! I have had a few calls but no one wants an inspection yet. How long must I wait before trying something else to market myself? Any help I would appreciate! Thanks

What have you done?

I have talked to realtors and gave all the surrounding realtors offices my business and rack cards.

Did InterNACHI’s Marketing Department make your rack cards?

You waited long enough writing this sentence. Go out there and get em.

How many agents did you actually have a face-to-face with? You can’t just drop stuff off.

Don’t ever wait.


Always Be Marketing.

In World War I and World War II, the Germans biggest problems (outside of being lead by leaders who were flipping insane) was they were fighting on multiple fronts, and simply couldn’t handle fighting against multiple enemies.

Well, guess what, you’re not the German army. You can, and should, have multiple marketing fronts going on at all times.

You can’t just wait. You have to be marketing to realtors, to home buyers, to friends, family, local business leaders, online, offline, in person, anywhere and everywhere. Website, blogs, social media, logos on your shirts, car, anywhere.

I wear my logo shirt and inspector uniform even when I’m just taking my kids to school or running to the store for milk. You never know you will meet. I’ve met realtors standing on the playground at my kids school; I’ve been asked for my business card while standing in line at the grocery store. You never know who needs an inspection. Not every inspection involves buying/selling a house. Not every client wants to use the inspector their realtor tells them to. Not every realtor recommends inspectors.

It took me months and months to get my first realtor referral. But I was able to do other inspections and keep food on the table until then from other marketing tactics.