Hi all,
I just moved here 5 months ago and started marketing the business 2 months ago. Needless to say it has been slow going but with persistence I know it will pay off. I also know that when I was in the market for my own home I had a very captive audience at open houses. Usually I was the only one there talking to a realtor and maybe an associate.
My question is " Has anybody had any success marketing at open houses?"
Since most open houses are on Sundays , this doesn’t take away from the work week.It also gives me an oppurtunity for a face to face with the people I want to meet for business. Then when I follow up later in the week with email and calls there is a face with a name.
Any feedback on this issue would greatly be appreciated


Louis Agudo
Home Sweet Home Inspection Services

When I started my business, I had a friend that was the broker of a real estate office, he said that one of the most common complaints that he would hear, was that of home inspectors arriving at a open house.
When you show up at a open house, the realtor is somewhat dissappointed, because you buit their hopes that maybe, this is a potential buyer, then you hand a card that you are “yet another” home inspector.
If you want to make an impression on real estate, book an appointment at the office to speak at one of their meetings, and have some type of promotional item. Realtor Love freebies!!!
But most importantly, be prepared for lots of questions, and leave them wanting to hear more.
This will get the ball rolling, and once you have earned the favor of one, many more will follow.

I have had some success at open houses. I have made up a list of the inspectors who are licensed (Required in Massachusetts) in my county and I ask if I could leave copies of the list. Many times the Realtor will take and keep copies of the list for their own files, as in Massachusetts they can’t give out individual Inspector names. I figure I’m better off being one of several on a list than not being on the list at all.

I only approach the Realtor if there are no potential buyers around. Sometimes I will wonder around for a few minutes until the house is empty of potential buyers. This usually only takes a few minutes as most people come and go if 5 - 6 minutes.

Good luck.

Matthew -

Are you allowed to make your name stand out in any way (like bold or colored print?)

Or put the list on your letterhead?

Or attach a GIft Certificate? Something to reinforce your company since you are making the effort…

Also, check this thread from the archives for a good discussion of open houses and yet more free wisdom from Russel Ray.

If you go to OH’s, arrive with goodies- enough for the agent and also for the agent to share . . .


Perhaps someone can dig through the archives and find the thread on marketing at open houses where I discuss my Open House Survivor Kit. I’m finding the search function for our new Message Board to be even worse than the search function on our old Message Board. Or maybe it’s the margaritas.

I got a marriage proposal at an open house, but wrong gender and I was already taken anyway.

I know there are at least 44 Realtors who used me last year who I got from open houses in 2001. They’ve been with me for 4½ years now, so I can’t argue with the success I had with open houses.

They are time consuming.

Russel, I found this under “Candy for RE offices”, let’s see if it pastes correctly:

That’s the one I was thinking about.

Thanks, Russ.

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Russell Spriggs,

The Referral Rewards would be a good one…its making me money.

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