MAR's opinion on their agents referring inspectors

An attorney for the Missouri Association of Realtors gives an opinion on how their members should handle the inspection process

I have a feeling it will just fall on deaf ears again.;-)](*,)

I enjoyed the last 30 seconds where they mentioned to REA’s that the use of these forms can “limit their liability”. Policing of the use of these forms and procedures are rarely done. Bottom line, it must be the responsibility of the REA’s of Missouri, and all states, and their office brokers, to recommend the best HI’s and tradespeople, for the best interest of their clients and home buyers. This in itself would limit their liability.

They do not get it.

James …

Why did the mention using ASHI and not the other groups. Is that guy from St Louis?

Dan, good to hear from you. We are busy for some reason all of the sudden.

In all of my reading and understanding of ASHI, they are pretty much a lobbyist group and political organization, a proponent of home inspection licensing and soft, basic reporting. Their number of members are dwindling rapidly.

Being a member of any HI association makes no difference. HI’s should cater exclusively to the home buyer and properly inform them of any home defects. ASHI seems to cater to the REA’s.

Gary is right on. A$HI branded themselves to the Realtors. NACHI has not even tried yet. Maybe someday that will changed.