got milk? Block foundation wall, vertical and horizontal cracks ++

Homeowners bought house about 19 years ago, said they have leaked/seeped in areas we waterproofed throughout the 19 years, getting worse. Homeowners had interior system companies over for estimates… $15,000 plus++

Two videos, vertical corner crack, previously done 1/2 azz’d and backfilled with most of the same clay soil, not good.

Horizontal crack and other exterior openings… around ‘n under basement window and sill, right where they leak inside basement.
YES, at some point in the future the rest of the side wall will need to be done/waterproofed because there is a continuing horizontal crack…about 6-7’ more BUT, they say they’ve never leaked in that-area hence, they decided not to do it now. This job cost $2,400, took one day. Included coming to saw cut and bust out the concrete apron/patio but not replacing the apron… it won’t be replaced because it’s not needed.

HAD the homeowners opted to dish out $15,000 or more for an interior water diverting system and sump pump, water would continue to enter through the multiple exterior cracks etc, cause mold, efflorescence inside. As usual the interior system companies told the homeowners that was what they needed, an interior system = misrepresentation, fraud.

Heaven is in your mind/Traffic ‘take extra care not to lose what you feeeeeeeeel, the apple you’re eating is simple and reeeeeeeeal, so water the flowers that grow at your heeeeeeeel, guiding your visions to heaven…’

Hi Mark.
As you’re well aware, I am not much of an advocate for block foundations.
Have you in you travels seen one that was close to being done right?
Proper backfill, underdrain with fabric and peastone, etc.?

I haven’t seen on yet that doesn’t have cracks and or sump pits to take care of water infiltration. :slight_smile:


No, not yet lol

We have seen around 10-12 that were damproofed and had a black dimpled membrane nailed into blocks/wall, a couple were backfilled with 2-3’ of gravel (6-8’ deep walls), that’s about it…oh, the 10-12 leaked, that’s why we were called.

There are a few of those block foundations in my street and every one of them leaks.
I can hear the water from outside from my floor drain today. Thank god I have underdrain that works. Knock on wood, I have a painted floor and just added a toilet and sink in my washroom renovation. No sump hole or pump.
Built in 67".
Concrete foundation on a clay site. :slight_smile:

good deal Marcel lol

Here’s another bowed in block wall, multiple exterior cracks in the block wall and the horizontal crack continues under front porch.
One point on these bowed in walls is the interior chumps often tell homeowners to ONLY install wall anchors or carbon straps inside, sometimes selling them an interior system.
There WAS a big daddy tree in the front yard from the corner-crack.

If one only installs wall anchors or C-straps inside (cuz they’re only thinking about movement) then… lol, water is going to continue to enter, pass through the exterior cracks into the hollow blocks, weakening the wall, block/joints.

If they install say, wall anchors and an interior water diverting system then… lol, water will continue to enter, pass through the exterior cracks and into the hollow blocks, weakening the wall, blocks etc.

And what about mold, what about any foundation wall with reinforcing rods in 'em, wire mesh in block or brick F walls etc