Masonry Gable ends for Wind Mit

Is frame bracing required to consider a masonry gable end “braced at a minimum in accordance with the 2001 Florida Building Code.?”

House built in the 1930s. The gable end walls are masonry right up to the roof line.

What to check for section 6?


I consider masonry to be braced

Are the walls reinforced masonary? Some earlier homes did not reinforce the rake beam and left them hollow. Uplift pressues may cause them to collapse under certain conditions. Tape the top of the beam with a small hammer and see if it sounds hollow or solid. Infra pics can pick it up also.

Thank for the replies so far!

I did find some rebar in the walls down lower at the corners, but I did not check up in the attic. :roll:

I picked that it IS reinforced per 2001 FBC and showed a photo of the masonry wall.

I can’t seem to decipher or locate anything in the FBC that describes this situation… my eyes are crossing trying to read that <cough> “fascinating” <cough> document

I always consider them braced even if they are not filled with concrete.

I mark braced whether the block is reinforced or not. Either way, it’s all moot as unless it’s a hip roof, there is no discount.

Old thread but related question… Must perpendicular bracing be present - ie X bracing - to qualify? Home was built in 2000.

Chances are you will never find gable end bracing that meets unless it is masonry.

Thank you Preston :slight_smile: