Wind Mit question

Does anybody know where I can find code info on gable end bracing?
On a diagonal brace, how many courses of trusses does the brace have to be back?
John W. Miller
PRP Home Inspections

C if this helps…

I don’t think the bracing in the diagram Thomas provided is enough to meet the 2001 FBC. But I am having trouble finding exactly what does.

I do not think that you will find much on prescriptive gable bracing in the 2001 building code because it is not there. I think you have to go to the 2007 for info. Maybe one of the “code” guys can step up here but I believe the 2001 only called for engineering of the gables
Gable end bracing was not added to the building code until 2007. The inspector can only compare bracing meeting the 2007 code and determine if the bracing is in compliance. Bracing that would comply would include balloon framing and re-enforced concrete gable ends.
It is easier to prove that the bracing does not comply, only one gable would have to not comply to mark B

You can mark C if there is a gable that is not visible.
If there are cathedral or vaulted ceilings and they are not balloon framed or masonry they can not be braced.

Beginning with the 2001 FBC truss bracing became the responsibility of the designer of record and therefore can vary. With that said the supplements to the 2007 building code published a prescriptive method for retrofitting unbraced gable ends. If you do not have a 2007 FBC book you can view @floridabuildingcodeonline once you are on the site click the bcis tab at the top of the page and you can then navigate to the bracing methods. You will find them in chapter 16 of the 2007 FBC Existing Building

2007 code on line doesn’t show any thing for diagonal bracing that I could find in a quick look through.

Exactly, it has gone away to properly transfer the gable wind loads it must be distributed too both the roof and ceiling diaphragm which diagonal bracing does not accomplish. But again in 2001 the bracing details were the responsibility of the designer. So really unless we were to have the original construction documents for the home there really is no way to know if it is in compliance. If the building was permitted after March 1st 2002 all we can do is assume that it meets the criteria. All of the retrofit horizontal bracing extends too 3 trusses behind the gable and i apply that methodology too the diagonal bracing unless of course the gable is less than 3 feet in height which no bracing is required