Master Class report

The exterior door appeared to be properly installed and in serviceable condition. The doorbell worked when tested.

Yeah, but what about the knocker? Did it work?
And that “one” in the house number is installed upside down.

Type: Hinged, Insulated metal clad door.
Check weather stippling

Good one! I did.

:grin: The knocker works as well.

So what exactly is this post?

Required for step 5 in a Master Class course by Ben.

describing a door is part of a master class… alrighty then.

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Martin, I think the idea is describing entry doors, materials, casing, and hardware used, an inspector may come into contact with during an inspection.
As well, safety and fume, weather stripping components, material features and components.
The study object is to list what was discovered as thoroughly as posable.
Glazers are tradesmen. The National Glass Association (NGA). Carpenters are tradesmen. Millwrights for framing.

This would be my narrative for a common entryway front door.
Building type. 2.5 story detached.

1: ‘Insulated’ ‘Metal clad’ main front door. (60% thermal glazed)
2: Weather striped on 3 sides.
3: Door sweep. Good condition.
4: Hardware, hinges, door lock, striker and handles operated operated successfully.
5: Fully Functional. No adverse material or operational conditions observed the day of the inspection.