Matt Dempsey Florida Legislation Proposal

Hi To All:

The attached file is NOT the Coalition position statement.

This is a Bill that will be proposed in special session on January 16th in Tallahassee. Again this is NOT the Coaliion position statement.

FABI fired Matt Dempsey months ago. Dempsey aligned himself with a political group.

The Coalition met with the Home Builders Association, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the Florida Real Estate Commision on Wednesday. The group was quite pleased with the Coalition position statement and would back it vs. the Dempsey Bill.

I was told out of the horse’s mouth that legislation would be passed this year by Christ. Guys the game of debate is over. Licensing is going to happen whether we want to be on the train or not.

I will post the coalition revised version as soon as it is ready. No significant changes were made. Suggestions about limiting liability and license fees were discussed.

FAR, the Florida Association of Realtors are determined to pass a bill. We do not want to be Texas. They have given us an opportunity to get it done. There have been significant compromises as I mentioned before.

I was quite clear want would not be acceptable and we would fight if we are somehow sandbagged with language that was not acceptable.

What happened to if your in bizness you get to stay in bizness on the grandfather clause?
And while we are at it why do I not have to take a drug test.:smiley:

Because they cannot work out what the hell you are on!!

Merry Christmas Bruce](“”)

Another nice Bye Bye Scumbag NAHI proposal (See Section 14 F and H) in . Seems everyone is proposing legislation to outlaw Scumbag NAHI. I love it, even if it doesn’t get enacted.

And a Merry Xmas to you too Carl, and to all 10,000 of my fellow NACHI’s.:smiley:


What political group?? And what gives us the idea that these other associations are more powerful than this unknown political group??

If they are going to put their bill in on the 16 who and when are the questions for the coalition bill that we all dislike so much??

Bad bills are not what this is all about. How the heck did all these other associations buy in on the coaltion bill that was so bad. Are they stupid?

I for one think it is time for inspectors to do some education. I am sure that no one is trying to pass a Texas type of mess

Time to find out who is going to introduce these bills and go to there office as start educating

Jay will you supply some specific information that we can work on instead of “just the horses mouth”




Who thinks that the Matt Dempsey bill will ever pass?

We need to contact these people also. Right now we should probably support the Matt bill since it will never pass.


Here is a little link to some of the people and groups we should be setting straight

At least to let them know that Matt does not represent us and has been fired!

Looks like the mold subject is also under the same group

The last one did. Your governor pulled the plug.

Good point James

Looks like we should get on board and support Matt and his people — Matt rules NACHI does not – resistance is feudal



Matt works for AIF.

BTW, I used you as an example as to why 3 years 250 would no fly.


FAR, HBA, FREC is the horses mouth.


I have been in contact with NACHI leadership.

The Dempsey Bill is well on its way. A sponsor has been made. The coalition is fighting the Dempsey bill.

Suncoast ASHI is fighting the Dempsey Bill.

FABI is fighting the Dempsey Bill.

NAHI is fighting the Dempsey bill.

NACHI is fighting the Dempsey Bill.

So you see who is in your corner Richard?


Are they fighting the Dempsey Bill with the bill that no one else likes, either?

Yes. As I have been sadly enlightened a few days ago, licensing is Florida is iminent. The State is seeking consumer protection and insurance reform.

I was not given a threat, but a bonafide promise. The HBA is going to push through the Dempsey Bill or the Coalition.

I would rather accept a version that is in the best interests of NACHI, then one that we had absolutely no input. The Coalition revision will include NACHI as one of the board members.

This mirrors what has been done in Kentucky. The testing requirement will model Montana.

This year is different. The current economics of our State and the voiced position statement from the Florida Association of Realtors, makes it impossible to believe that legislation would not happen in some form.

The question to ask is will Florida be better off worth licensing? The coalition bill allows those in business today to continue to be in business. New entrants would need 150 hrs of ed and 75 hrs of field to only be provided by the educator. No mentoring allowed. Only mock inspections performed. No inspection would be done on an actual real estate for sale contract.

20 hrs of CE per year after one year. As a NACHI member we are required 24. I see no reason not to believe this is our best option at this time. The coalition and the HBA, FAR, and FREC has been told that if any unapproved changes occur to the coalition bill without NACHI support, we would fight it.

There is currently nothing in the coalition bill that is not already required being a NACHI member with the exception of GL insurance.

The Dempsey Bill has language that would not allow an inspector to defend themselves causing a lawsuit. It would force businesses to carry E&O because Dempsey is also working on the behalf of the insurance industry. The Florida BAR will be waiting with bated breath.

Dempseys goal is to get it passed in special session because there would not be enough time for lawmakers to debate the bill. If a strong lobby group like FAR or FREC were to support it, the lawmakers would give it passage without questioning it.

If the coalition can get FAR, FREC, HBA to support our compromised work, then we can go about our business with little or no worries.

Look at the Dempsey bill as a whole and you will see what I am talking about.

My work has nothing to do with the coalition. It is about giving NACHI a seat at the table where we were never accepted over the past 8 years.

HB315 was killed over Mold. If signed by the Governor, we figure more than 60% of the Florida NACHI membership would have been out of work.

The coalition has nothing to do with Hoopy or ID. Two years ago seems light years away compared to the progress that has been made since last Spring when I was introduced to key non-NACHI inspectors looking to extend the olive branch.

Everyone at that table has walked away feeling more and more comfortable knowing that NACHI is more than an online test association.


I know that you may be initially enamored over being allowed a “seat at the table”, but I would be careful to ensure that the menu includes something that is healthy to eat.

Presenting this coalition demand for drug testing, for example, in opposition to the Dempsey Bill, simply replaces one poison for another.

I, for one, like it when people have two objectionable bills to choose from…for it strengthens the logic behind the more likely option of “no bill” at all.

I think your coalition is without a mandate and is inviting the same chaotic clamoring that hit the legislature and governor last time.

Thanks for your hard work Jay… when I see you I’ll thank you in person. You’ve done so much for us all.


If Blaine did not feel we should be a part of the coalition, we would not. The drug testing and background has beeen a push on all new legislation in Florida. The FEMA disaster and Jessica Lundsford has push this. This is not something we came up with. It was already in the works.

Thanks Nick!


Mandates are majorities. 51% to 49% is not a mandate. The State has Republican control. They want this done. They want consumer protection and insurance protection.

Crist is looking to expand government through licensing vs. Bush who put an 8 year stay on government growth.