Should of brought my Blankie

For my Senior citizen nap the floor was nice and warm.

I sure am seeing a lot of thse heated floors anymore perhaps its the quality of homes ya think

Just did a complete reno to my bathroom this past winter. Installed a heated floor. My wife thought I was crazy spending the extra money, but she actually said I was RIGHT. She loves it.

Me being right to wife does not come easily.

The only person I have found that did not like them was a person that got use to it being heated and then it quit and they had to tear out the tile to repair:shock:

Seeing more and more newer bathrooms with them.
Gotta check the door frame areas for controls as routine now in days.

Not always listed and sure would feel foolish missing a system.

Yeah I had to call the owner to find out how to open the stat it was different than I was use to seeing had these little door flaps on the side that opened to axcess the button. I felt kiinda funny I did not want to break it so I just called and played dumb