McCain Cracks Under Pressure - Leadership in Doubt

This bonehead move will in the end cause McCain to loose the election, once your leadership comes into doubt support will fade. I expect that over the next week Obama will kick way out in front of the polls and never look back.

Obama rejects McCain call to delay debate

Republican plans to return to Washington to help deal with credit crisis

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama rejected Republican Sen. John McCain’s dramatic call Wednesday to delay Friday’s presidential debate because of the economic crisis.

“This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess,” Obama told reporters in Clearwater, Fla.

Obama agreed with McCain on the need for the two men to issue a joint statement of support for legislation to rescue the banking industry, but he declined McCain’s call to postpone the first debate, scheduled for Friday in Oxford, Miss.


He is NOT a Republican…I don’t care what the Republicans say or want to believe.

Is MSNBC a news outlet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim, you’re correct. He should step down and let Sarah have it.

As for the VPILF…I kind of agree, Nick.

I cannot speak for John Kerry’s first choice for VP…but I know that I, personally, would very much like to let Sarah have it.:wink:

To Joey & Jimmy it is!:stuck_out_tongue:

And CNN, and Huffinton Post, and The New York Times, and any outlet hi-jacked by Sorros and Moveon


John McCain’s request to delay campaigning and this week’s debate is:

An effort to help the economy 25% 26681

A political gimmick 70% 74439

Something else 5% 5434

Note: Poll is located on lower right hand side.

Randy, just spit out those sour grapes, don’t keep chewing on them.


Gee…do you think it was really just a gimmick? Does this mean that the VPILF was only a political choice…and not really his selection of the most qualified person to succeed him in office?

I am starting to have my doubts about John McCain and his sincerity.

Is CNN a news outlet? I thought it was Obama’s campaing HQ.:stuck_out_tongue:

And denial is just a river in Egypt.

You’re not being fair, Randy.

I have voted Republican in every election since (and including) Gerald Ford. Had the Republican party nominated a Republican for president this year, I would have certainly voted for him.

Instead, they gave us their reject of 8 years ago…and some chick. I am underwhelmed, to say the least.

Ow wow! A CNN web poll.:cool:

That’s about as useful as the ones here on NACHI or the how about the one’s all the Ron Paulites would flood on a regular basis.:shock::roll::shock:

[quote=“jburkeson1, post:1, topic:32214”]

This bonehead move will in the end cause McCain to loose the election, once your leadership comes into doubt support will fade. I expect that over the next week Obama will kick way out in front of the polls and never look back.

Saved for later to check out Joey’s crystal ball reading skills.:wink:

Education Ain’t Cheap! :stuck_out_tongue:

John McCain and his campaign obviously think the American people are not very smart. In fact he’s betting his whole campaign on it.

McCain’s proposal strikes me as a political gambit, not an act of genuine “statesmanship.” Returning to Washington to meet with “congressional leaders” isn’t going to fix the financial crisis.

McCain’s move carries a whiff – make that a strong odor – of desperation.

I see it as an act of desperation by McCain, as his poll numbers plummet and he tries to catch up with a train that has left the station. This economic crisis was not the change he had counted on.

“I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues,” McCain told the paper’s Steve Moore in 2005. “I still need to be educated.” :mrgreen:


Tell me…with a straight face…that you believe that McCain is suspending his campaign to save the American economy.

I’m waiting.

No matter the outcome the economic bailout will not bode well for McCain, it can’t, the deck is already stacked against him because of his current stand and his relationship to Bush.

Whatever Bush says or does tonight, whether right or wrong, McCain will be forced to go against it simply to defend the notion that he is (a)The Maverick and (b) The Candidate of Change to maintain his image.

Obama on the other hand has always shown himself to be bipartisan and willing to work with his opposition if it was in the best interest of the public. I believe that Obama will find it much easier to stand with GWB then McCain will.

Sometimes, it just ain’t easy being The Maverick. :smiley:

The fact is that he IS a Republican. The Republican Party and its members voted for him and nominated his.

Jim: Used to be NACHI Police, now Republican police :shock:

Huh? Exactly when, Joe?

When, during any kind of conflict or substanitive debate, has Obama “shown” mimself to be bipartisian or willing to “work” with “his” opposition"?

Put up or shut up.

I suggest holding your breath. :stuck_out_tongue: