Melted Insulation on coolant line

Can anyone tell me what caused this? The Duct it bends around is a cold air return.

That’s wrapped not melted

Must have been a cheap insulation that wasn’t designed for such a hot pipe. Are you able to see how hot that pipe is? The part that isn’t melted, does it look like it’s the same material?

Fairly close to the furnace exhaust pipe, that would be number one on my suspect list.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks fine. There is an insulation wrap that looks like that which is what Chuck was trying to say.

The insulation was installed this way, (hot melt adhesive application). Typically using a hot melt glue gun.

He said it’s a cold air return.

I wasn’t able to find an example on google of any kind of copper pipe melted wrap insulation. Can you please show me an example.



It is supposed to look like that, just keep walking…

You won’t see much of that again.

It is an insulation more common for refrigeration where you don’t have the room for closed cell.

Here’s an example. Manufacturer’s instructions, page 10.

"Hot Melt Adhesive Application: For seams and butt joints, a hot
melt glue gun is typically used. All guns are available with a variety
of applicator tips. Hot melt adhesives are best applied in a thin
layer rather than a “glob”.

Thanks Christopher, it says: “For seams and butt joints” and
“adhesive”. The one on the picture is installed in length. Are you sure it’s the same thing? I found nothing on google.

So how many times do you need to be told the same thing?

Thanks everyone for answering my question, I’d never seen that kind of insulation. It looked to me like the closed cell had been heated intentionally (I didn’t see anything near enough to generate that kind of heat) and now I know:)

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He said it’s a cold air return. /QUOTE]

There is the furnace exhaust as well. Looks like a mid efficiency, they get pretty hot.

It’s cork tape. It comes that way.

Looks like coax seal to me.