Members... SIGN UP HERE NOW for inspection leads.

Thanks Nick.
Don’t get us wrong. We all appreciate what you do for all of us and our businesses.

Thanks Nick.

Much appreciated.

We’re working on getting him access to this thread. He should be here soon.

Greetings Everyone. Thank you for taking the time to review I look forward to working with you all and creating a great tool for your business. Please let me know what you think about the site and service.

For starters, we have revised the requirements section. The new application has been uploaded with the revised terms.

Benjamin Evans
tel. 305-735-3232
fax. 305-574-2237

Is this leads for home inspectors or condo inspectors?

Hi Michael,
We provide a variety of lead types, including Home, Condo, Mold, 4 Point and others.
I think there may of been a typo in the T&C you had and it said CondoInspectors. This has been updated.
Thank you.

Thanks for joining us. I will review the revised Terms, and post any questions later tonight.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you. Glad to be here. I look forward to your questions.

I was just a little confused when the notification said Welcome to

Only available in Yukon Territory in Canada?

We will update the link. Thank you. is another one of our sites that provides similar services. It helps us drawn in a wider customer audience and generate a higher volume of inspection leads.

How about this. I will provide a $20 credit to all InterNACHI Inspectors who activate their account. When you use the $20 credit and want to cancel we can do that. There is no contract for this service.
Ben Evans
t. 305-735-3232

That is due to the postal code software on the site. I will work with my programmers to include all of Canada as soon as possible.

Benjamin Evans
tel. 305-735-3232
fax. 305-574-2237

It is for the lead.

I had emailed you guys with a question. Are the lead fees upfront in an account or do you get billed at the end of the month for leads? (like Service Magic)

The billing cycle is monthly. At the beginning of each month you will receive an invoice that details all of your leads for the previous month. You then have 3 days to review the invoice for accuracy. After the third day, we will bill you for those leads.

Thanks for the question. My apologies for not getting back to your email.


How do you define the service areas, that will be shared with 2 other inspectors? In particular, I am in a rural area, town of 22,000 pop. My primary service area is 50 mile Radius of center of my zipcode.

No problem Ben. This is actually easier. I will be signing up. The only question I have now is…do I have the proper paperwork to fill out and fax in? I filled one form out from the website and I have two links that you emailed me.

Good question. Same case here. I think there are only 3 inspectors in this area.

The service area is defined as a 50 mile radius from your office zip code. There is an option to include additional service areas and offices if you have a larger territory.

Thank you for the question.