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I just completed my courses am excited to actually apply what I learned in the class room to the real world. I was told that it would be possible to ride along with a fellow InterNachi experienced inspector. I’m in the Los Angeles area, but am willing to travel to Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange Counties. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Raffaele Cursaro
(626) 824-7369

Welcome to InterNACHI.

I would start with a search of inspectors in your area and contact a few about a ride along
You can do a search from the Nachi home page

No malice intended, but I always wondered this when others have posted…

**Who **told you this ???

Just curious. :-k

Hey Raffaele.
I am in the same situation as you. I, too, am seeking some ride-alongs in So Calif area. I have already been on a few with Ernie with Eyeball Inspections. He was awesome! He was willing to have other trainees come along also, but I don’t want to overwhelm him with us. I am currently trying to help another new HI acquire ride-along experience. I will do the same for you Raffaele, if I can. I have emailed about a dozen inspectors in Socal, and not one response. I figured they thought I was encroaching on their market area or something. I tried to contact HI’s way out of my area to avoid that. I’m still attempting to get responses. As far as who told me to contact InterNACHI HI’s was my teacher, when I took my classroom instruction. And I just attempted to post the question to see what kind of response I would get. And so far, its been successful. Also, I’ve seen Nick G. mention to ask other HI’s, as well as Dom from HI Pro has done the same. I will definitely do the same for new HI’s, when I have got more experience. Feel free to contact me.

This is standard fluff from the schools. What they should be telling these students is that they should travel at least 100 miles away or more from their proposed area of coverage. Camaraderie in an organization is one thing but nobody really wants to give away their training and secrets to a direct competitor in their backyard. :roll:

Not how we are in Chicago.
There is plenty of work for everyone and the real issue is making people aware of getting an inspection.
I look at it like this.
If I open an Antique shop it might stay empty but if 3 or 4 guys open one all down the street we have a district that attracts everyone .
Make sense?

Heck Joe T lives down the street along other NACHI members that do not post here often and we all get along great.

Secrets? (gimme a break):)Well I do not pass out my Client and Agent list if that is what you mean.:slight_smile:
I already blew my biggest secret by telling everyone about Dom.:frowning:


That may very well have been true in 2005-2007, but since the housing market crashed here, the established inspectors in this area are at 1/4 - 1/3 - 1/2 of what they were doing before and that is with less than half the inspectors there were in 2007. Training direct competitors only cuts into the already greatly decreased business. There are a finite number of inspections available. For every direct competitor that enters your market, it is less inspections for you. I am just saying that someone seeking training may get a better response if they are not going to financially impact the person they are asking.

Your analogy for antique shops is no where near the same thing. We had a grocery store here. In came a large chain store a mile away. Along came a 3rd large chain, also a mile away. In came a 4th mega chain 1/2 mile away. This is the shopping district you say does well for everyone. Yet the initial store just closed.

That is exactly what I suspected. Another HI school ploy to get students.

To the newbies… not saying we at InterNachi are against helping others, but, it is as Steve said above. You will find that the inspectors that have a solid business base, will be more open to ride-alongs.

To the Vets… how many of you have ever done a ride-along with another seasoned Vet? Be honest! (Not to learn your trade, but to compare notes, and to “improve upon best practices”)? I will be doing just that this Spring/Summer. I and another seasoned HI will be teaming up to compare and “supercharge” our businesses. He is an indirect competitor (small overlapping primary service area) and I have sent him many $$$ in inspections this last year. He has sent them my way also. (Yes, InterNachi member also). He has covered for me, and I for him, so we can actually get some time off every now and then. I trust him like a brother. (Take that for what it’s worth)! :wink:

How’s that for thinking outside the box?

Yes… some school with a “Familiar Name” and others. I was told by a fella a couple summers back that “I was given a LIST with your name on it”

U’re kidding, right?

I had an agent two years ago that would have her “Assistant” fumble along and ask me every question known to man.

I asked them to stop calling me :slight_smile: I also asked if he was TAILING ME WHILE IN TRAINING “Yes” was the answer. Soooo dishonest. He failed as an HI, he’s now an agent.