MEP questions

Hello members

Two questions.

  1. Is sheetrocking the mechanical room required before anything is installed?
  2. Is sheetrocking behind shower and tub units required?

Thank you

Technically, those are not MEP questions. They are about sheetrocking.

You lose.

Hi, I’m in the walls and ceilings trade and I’ve done a lot of drywall.

  1. It’s normally who get there first. I would say it’s much easier for the drywaller and taper to get it done first.
  2. It’s normally drywalled behind the shower and tub unit. Be sure to use the right drywall.


Yep bathroom drywall is green, blue, or what I have done in a reno is green drywall covered with hardiback in the wet zone. I like the hardiback because I have found it is darn near water proof and if you are tiling the thinset sticks like white on rice.