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Alot is happening, and it is very exciting.

NY is about to regulate Home Inspectors (1-1-06) and I am happy to say, not only am I approved as the Inspector Instructor of record, but also all 5 modules are approved at my school for those who are not able to be grandfathered (grandparented is the NYS term actually) and therefore must attend the courses.

There has been a great deal of discussion as to what may or may not count for education. The state of NY will review each and every application submitted. Make sure you have all the facts before you apply to the state. Make sure the course required an exam. If the classes you attended did NOT have an exam, they are probably not approved. If they do not add up to the requisite hours, there may be difficiencies.

As a State approved school for Home Inspector education by the NYS, Dept. of State I have been told to have each person with this type question to call 518-474-4429 and ask for a request from the actual division in charge in the state.

Bottom line, don't listen to me, or anyone. The state is the only one who can give you correct answers, and get these answers in writing. PERIOD!

As an approved school, I have information regarding licensing, and if anyone has questions, they can always call my office as well. The best source is the STATE. PERIOD!!!!!

As of 12-15 NACHI can proudly say they are the only Home Inspection Association that has an affiliate School approved by NY State, Dept. of State, Division of Licensing Services IN THE NY City Metro Area. As of 12-15-05 only 3 schools have been approved. That is 3 out of the entire state of NY.

I am happy to say I am one of the schools. I am also offering the program at a price 70% less than other competitors. For upstate New York State, I recommend Western NY School of Real Estate. Mike, the owner is a great person who is a quality instructor.

If you are downstate, we are here to help.

If you are upstate, give Mike at Western NY RE a call.

Happy Holidays to All NACHI Members. If anyone has any questions, call me or directly e-mail me. I have found that the message board is not the right forum for specific questions one may have. Over 80 NACHI members have called or e-mailed me this week and I have replied, or spoken to each one personally. That is the best medium for NACHI members who have specific questions and want help in their career.

Those outside of NY, asking general questions will not be replied to. I have found that hypothetical questions usually are put on this board for a purpose, and our school is too busy to entertain non-direct questions. All of our time is set aside to benefit those who need the requisite 140 hours of education.

All 4 modules at my school are currently $ 1000 for NACHI members including books- that is $ 250 per module! My way of giving a Holiday Gift to NACHI members who need it!

Happy Holidays!

Merrell Institute
Appraisal Education Network School
Merrell Industries
Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- NACHI Member, and NYS Approved Home Inspection Instructor

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To be presented at the meeting, all in attendnace will be pleased by the announcement, which Nick, Deanna and I are keeping under wraps until the conference.

We will have CD's outlining the entire information as well and we plan on giving them out free to all conference participants.

If you ae not attending the conference, you can request the CD after the meeting- But not before.

Also, don't forget to sign up for the free listing, for NACHI members for the Home Insctors yellow pages - check our listings and e-mail Len Ungar all the information by 1-10-06- we plan on posting everyone in the system on or about 1-15-06. No charge for NACHI members- a Value added benefit for the membership

george Wells will be involved in these course plans, which will be announced at the the conference!

happy Holidays to all