Merry Christmas everyone... just getting around to making Hooty Hooo's Troll Mix.

Been so busy… just getting around to making Hooty HooO’S Troll Mix. Better late than never! Hopefully can get the gifts delivered by Orthodox Christmas! :lol:
First 5 to reply with address get a sample… in addition to those who won at the party.

Me too!

Frank Rotte
PO Box 1422
Bonsall, CA 92003
Merry Christmas and happy new year.

You’ll shoot your eye out!!! Merry Christmas!

17041 Creighton Dr
Lockport, Il 60441

Who the hell is Hooty Hooo? :mrgreen:

I’ll give it a try.

Steve Stanczyk
27907 138th Ave E
Graham, WA. 98338

Merry Christmas

Yours truly. That was the name of my bait shop. :lol:




Sincere apologies to all the winners for the delay… finally found time to make the mix for all our family and friends this past Sunday. We hope you enjoy!

I want my money back !..LOL!:smiley:

Whoa 2 bags of it in my mailbox last night!

Was it my imagination… there I was happily munchin’ up a storm when all of a sudden something tasted “minty”.
Only happened once.
I turned the evidence over to the Troll Mix police but they told me I was nuts there was no minty stuff in my bag.
Maybe a piece or chunk of your Rolaids or something fell in by accident… hee hee

Some mint and peppermint made it in the mix this year… my new favorite m&m is peanut cocoa, some of them made it in too.

I still want my money back! :D:cool:

Money back?? HUH!

I think I’ll sue you for pain and punishment…
I’m scarfin’ them Hootie now as I type.
Oh! Yes! Along with the pain and punishment…Deprivation!!!..
I’ve waited since Dec 25 for my fix …Yep!
Notify your attorney !

I guess it’s true… no good deed goes unpunished. :lol:

Are you SURE some didn’t accidentally drip in before separate packaging? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that with Capt. Morgan spice…