Thanks Dave Fetty

Just received my bag of Hooty Hooo’s Troll Mix and I am enjoying it. Really delicious:D

Thanks again Dave, have a Happy New Year brother :smiley:

Good deal! Hope you like it!
Happy New Year!

Are those peanut M&Ms?

Man I wish I’dve know that. :smiley:

Nice Dave…

Almond m &m’s too and, and :slight_smile:

Almond are the best… :smiley:

I went out and hook them on my trot line and I hope I get a bunch of big catfish.yep

Thanks Dave.

Good stuff thanks Dave.

You are all very welcome! Happy New Year!

Very good! Thanks Dave

You’re welcome, Happy New year!

Kids stole it from me!!!

I may do something similar next party. I think it would be neat if many people did this. Makes it seem like a real party.

Exactly, if all members gave just one item how many more “winners” would there be?.. All of them, everyone wins:D

I’m in. I’ll set aside some promotional items to throw in with gift cards or something fun

I’ll donate “piece” pipes and rolling papers to my Colorado friends!:lol:

thanks Dave, my 16 year old daughter and I appreciate it! our sample arrived and is nearly gone!

Glad you two liked it!
Happy New Year! :smiley:

you too

Just got mine today, thank you Dave!