Thank you, Dave Fetty!

BIG THANKS to Dave Fetty of Florida Home Inspection & Property Services who gifted InterNACHI headquarters with tons of bags of Hooty HooO’s Troll Mix! These delicious treats will keep us going well into the New Year! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch, Dave – your kindness is much appreciated!

Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2016 to you and yours!

yep Mr. Felt Fetty Dots is a good dude

Yes, thank you Dave.

I was very surprised!

Thanks Dave!

They are very good polished off my bag in no time…

Nothing like some good Colorado munchies.

You are quite welcome everyone, Thank you all for your help!

I received mine today, thanks Dave Fetty :smiley:

Thats crazy! Stuff gets to California quicker than than two hours from here :roll:

I was thinking about that when I got my mail today.

I can send something across the street and sometimes it takes longer than going to CA.
All of our mail goes to Ft. Myers processing facility and then its destination.

Even the mail prefers the weather here in Southern California. lol.

Although we’re actually having a cold spell this week. :shock:

The weather is not much of a problem here either.:cool::smiley:

Dave is so friggin cool, that I didn’t even ask for it, and got a bag today anyway!

I do enjoy it, and enjoyed it last year, I was just gonna give everyone else a chance to get some, and didn’t wanna load Dave down with sending another.

Thanks Dave, You rock, my friend! I think you deserve a poem (I promise to keep it clean) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but your nice weather comes with bugs. lol

Although you do have better BBQ.

I only wish we had a Sonny’s location out here.

Sonnys ain’t got sheet on my backyard! :mrgreen: :slight_smile: no bugs? WOW! that would be nice!