Message Board Issue, Can this be changed?

The Issue I have is with the time/date stamp on the Message Boards-Threads.

I do not like the recent change of the thread/posts, time/date stamp that appears on every post. I like the older style of the time/date stamp. Can this be added to the Message Boards Control Panel as an option as to how we would like to view the postings time/date stamp.

Older Style:
12-06-06 9:50 AM

Newer Style:
3 minutes ago
2 days ago

A third option could be a hybrid of the two:
3 Days Ago, 12-03-06 8:15 AM
3 Minutes Ago, 12-06-06 9:50 AM

It’s not like it would take up any extra room at the top of each post.
I’m sure it would take some additional programing though.

I would prefer a return to the previous style of time stamp as well.

I never saw any post explaining why it was changed.

I agree!

I also agree with the date/time stamp before was better. I also don’t like the threads I read dropping out of position.

Paul. if you go to quick links and click today’s posts it will show them in the position you are used to.

I do however like the :new posts: as they are now. Its much quicker viewing unread posts by using multiple tabs in FireFox or IE7

Quick links//today’s posts—I get 19 minutes ago, 3 days ago, etc.

I like the old way—I’m just too old to change.

Ditto Jae I agree with every thing you said. Roy Cooke

Jae, I was referring to the posts disappearing from “new posts” after viewing them. I didn’t mean to imply that the method you tried would give the old time stamps. Sorry for any confusion.:wink:

I don’t think your too old to change, just a wee bit slower.:wink:

Thanks Michael, That’s the way “New Posts” used to look. Guess I’ll be using Todays Posts from now on.

It would seem that Chris has changed the time stamp back to the way it was previously. :slight_smile: Thanks Chris.

I feel much better now.

I can find out when things were posted now.


Thank You