Functions of the Message Board

Has anyone else had this issue? Whenever I make a new post the only way I can see if anyone has responded to it is to go to the particular forum it was posted in----it never again shows up in the “new posts” area. Is there a setting I am missing or is this just the way it is?

Charles, you can set your control panel to subscribe to threads. If you look below the box where you type your posts, first be in the advanced section, and in “additional options” there is a drop-down list called “Thread Subscription”. You can set it to daily, weekly, do not subscribe…etc…and the replies will come to your email.

Hope this helps,

You can click on “quick links” then click on “todays posts”.


When somone creates a new post in a thread it will appear on the new posts listing if you slecect new posts.
If you want to see the post you just made go to quick links and select todays posts.

That is just the problem—it does not appear under the new posts link. (And thanks Wendy but I don’t want it to come as email) For example if I post something in the Electrical Forum, no replies to my post ever show up in the “new posts” link. I have to enter the Electrical Forum to see what responses there have been. Seems odd.

Charles, I would try clearing your browser’s cache and see if that changes anything.
What browser are you using?

Charles, I think I’m the same way.

Is it me or was it different last year, I think it was easier