Message Board Notification not working

This message board’s not notifying me of posts to threads I’m trying to monitor. Is anyone else having this problem?

yeah, its been that way longer than I can remember. I just click on new posts and hope the ones I am monitoring are in the pile. I don’t spend much time in here anymore so I try to cut to the chase and not have to wade through all the fluff and drama.

Try this…

Go to your "Control Panel"

Then click “Edit options” in the blue navigation field.

Then scroll down to the 2nd box “Messaging & Notification”. In this box, the second box down is the "Default Thread Subscription Mode", make sure the box inside this area is on “Instant Email Notification”.

This should correct your email notification issue. If not “Sign out” of the NACHI mesaage board and “Sign back in” and re-check the above option.

I’m looking into it…

Works for me.