Email Notification on thread subscriptions

Been over three days with no email notifications on threads. Is anyone else having this issue?

Checked the control panel and all seems intact. Listed as instant notification but nothing has come in over a few days. :slight_smile:

I do not use this I just go and search the various posts … Roy

I don’t use it either. I am guessing Mike Larson doesn’t use it either, could you imagine an inbox with 50K email notifications? :mrgreen:

I use it once in a blue moon when needing an answer myself.

Sure saved me some time on searching the threads. And it don’t work anymore. :slight_smile:

Will try it out on a thread and see.
Reply back Marcel.:slight_smile:

I give up on Larson and have him on my ignore and never get to see what he says .
So much easier he does not follow me near as much as he used to do.

Well, the system allowed you to not subscribe or subscribe and could delete all or allow all.
I was subscribed to over 6,000 post since 2006. I deleted some to see if it would fix, but did not work. :slight_smile:

Marcel it is working fine.
Sign out of the forum and sign back in.


There is a new reply to a thread you subscribed to on the InterNACHI Inspection Forum.

Neat thanks Bob Will have to try it … Roy

Go to top of page under “Quick Links” and click “Subscribed Threads” at drop down.

Marcel -

It may be that the huge amount of emails sent up a flag on your server as suspected spam. See if you can get your email server to white-list anything from or - that will likely fix it.


How do you white-list? I use Outlook Express. And should I delete all subscriptions to date?


Marcel first check spam.
I did have the similar type issue and simply signing in and out seemed to fix it.

Also fiddling around with a different browser,etc.

Hi -

I’m not very familiar with Outlook Express, but these instructions (from a google search) should fix it if your email program is blocking the mail:

The email address used is "".

However, it may be being blocked by your server. In that case, you’ll need to talk to the tech support folks who run your email service. They can set up rules for you.

The other case might be that deleting all old subscriptions would fix it. I honestly haven’t experimented with running 6,000 subscriptions! :slight_smile:

Let me know what you find out.

I don’t think it is my email, Tim, because I am getting notification from two other message boards no problem.

I logged out and back in and also deleted all 6700 subscription to see if it will work. :slight_smile:

My only issue is that my notifications only come at midnight or so. I’m subscribed to only a couple but if the emergency help one was real time or at least close, I could answer and help out better.

You can set them for instant as I knew about this one from that.

Deleted all 6,400 subscriptions and what’s left says instant notification and still don’t work.

What is weird is that it works at the HIP forum, works at My leaky house forum IN forum and NACBI forum.

Just not here anymore and it sucks. :slight_smile:

Try a different computer.